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Things are heating up in the offers/daily deal/whatever it is you call it space as the competition now includes employees as well. Google has experienced enough trouble in the recent past around losing important employees that this is nothing new but it may say something about who they are willing to keep.

The latest to leave the Googleplex for greener pastures is Margo Georgiadis, vice president of global sales operations at Google. Maybe she didn’t get the same treatment as some recent near defectors did (millions in incentives to stick around) so maybe we are seeing just who Google values and who they are willing to let go in the talent race.

Reuters reports

Also on Thursday, Groupon announced that Margo Georgiadis, vice president of global sales operations at Google, will become COO at Chicago-based Groupon, overseeing the company’s global sales, marketing and operations.

The hiring of Georgiadis comes a month after the current COO said he would step down. It fills a key slot in Groupon’s management team ahead of a potential initial public offering.

While Groupon still continues to be the poster child for the IPO of the moment, it has had more than a few bumps in the road this year. Advertising dust-ups, questionable leadership moves (CEO Andrew Mason rolling his ad agency under the bus despite having signed off on the commercials that created the ruckus), the abrupt departure of their current COO just last month and people still questioning their ability to garner a $25 billion IPO amidst ever increasing competition (including Google’s own Offers product) make Groupon a bit of a spectacle these days.

This latest hire is what some have called Groupon hiring their grownup. Partially insulting but kind of funny as well. Look they must be doing something right. Honestly, if you look at the recent past of how new companies have come along, one of the rites of passage into being ‘real big’ seems to be grabbing a an ex-Googler or two along the way.

If that’s a measure of success it looks like Groupon has made it!