Posted April 20, 2011 5:47 pm by with 1 comment

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Imagine if you could make a TV commercial “clickable.” IntoNow has taken the first step with their new feature which allows you to check-in to commercials in return for a prize.

First up is Pepsi MAX with their “Clubhouse in the Corn” commercial. When you see the commercial on TV, you activate the IntoNow app on your phone. The app uses SoundPrint technology to “listen” to the commercial, verifying that you are indeed watching it, then it rewards you with a coupon for a free Pepsi. Pretty nifty, huh? It’s like the video version of a QR code.

I was an early IntoNow user, but gave up on it in favor of GetGlue since IntoNow was light on bells, whistles and style. Now it looks like the application has undergone a few updates and it’s looking pretty good. Still, I’m not ready to give up my GetGlue sticker rewards, certainly not for a Pepsi. But if they start giving away coupons for Diet Coke or chocolate, I’ll say GetGone to GetGlue and get into IntoNow.

  • Freaky not Nifty and it will get bigger and better as the years go on. 😉