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According to Kiip, there are like, a bajillion people playing games on their phones right now, as you read this, a bajillion people launching bird attacks and chasing zombies and missing their bus stop and ignoring everything that’s being said on the company conference call. They’re playing because gaming is an addiction. Our brains are hardwired to get excited over the prospect of conquering a level, climbing to the top of the score chart and receiving a virtual prize.

Well, Kiip ( (pronounced “keep”) thinks we all deserve better than that. For all the time and dedication we all put in to game play, they think we should get something real, something tangible and that’s what they’re company is all about. The Kiip Rewards Network gives advertisers the ability to offer real prizes when players succeed at virtual games. Lower level prizes include discounts or coupons for free snacks, while higher levels might equal a t-shirt, a DVD or even a vacation.

Brian Wong, CEO & co-founder, Kiip says;

“Game developers have long demanded a monetization solution that goes beyond virtual goods and display advertising, while also leveraging game mechanics without compromising user experience. Kiip undeniably solves that problem by delivering real rewards for in-game achievement while also delivering brand awareness and engagement for advertisers. To us, it’s a value exchange and not just an attention exchange. It’s about reaching them when they win.”

On paper, it sounds like a brilliant concept, but the success of the program will depend on Kiip’s ability to match-make brands with popular games. Right now Popchips, Sephora, Vitaminwater and Carl’s Jr. are on board and their press release says they’re aligned with 15 mobile games, but they don’t say which ones.

The concept of playing a virtual game for a tangible prize isn’t new. Hundreds of brands have used instant win games online rewarding players with everything from a free Snapple to a vacation in Hollywood. But instant win games are all about luck, not skill. The allure of Kiip is that it’s all skill based. Put in the time with the game and get a reward. The other side of the Kiip coin is the brand awareness factor. A player may not sit down hoping to win lunch at Carl’s Jr. but when it’s offered to them as a congratulations for beating level 38, it’s going to get noticed. That brand name is going to sink in. That’s the funny thing about winning, it makes you feel good even if you don’t want or can’t use the prize.

Instead of reading more of what I have to say, you’ve got to watch their very amusing introductory video. The tone of the piece tells you a lot about the company. It’s hip, it’s clever and it’s honest. Click here. You won’t get a free sample of Popchips, but you will get a smile, absolutely free without any purchase.

Kiip: An Introduction from kiip on Vimeo.