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One of my favorite tools for Twitter is Trackur..sorry, old habit…Klout!

The service measures your influence across Twitter (and Facebook) and provide you with metrics and a handy-dandy score–out of one hundred. (We actually use Klout scores in the Trackur dashboard).

Anyhow, Klout has announced some impressive updates today:

1. Everyone has Klout: the all-new profile design provides better insight into your Klout score and persona

2. Compare Your Klout: compare your Klout profile to more than 75 million other profiles we’ve scored.

3. Understand Your Klout: our improved analysis shows more relevant topic and influencer data and a clearer view of how your Klout is changing over time. We analyze more than 3 billion relationships and 250 million pieces of content every day to accomplish this!

4. Use Your Klout: your Klout should work for you. We have a brand-new showcase of Perks and you’ll be seeing a lot more in the future.

5. Own Your Klout: your influence should be in your hands. We’re giving you control over the display of your influencers and who you influence, and you can expect even bigger features like these in the near future.

I’m particularly interested in using the new influence metrics to chart my progress as I take over the world. 😛


If you’re a registered Klout user, you can check out the beta here.


  • I’m trying to figure out whether this is sarcasm or not Andy 🙂 From my experience with Klout, it’s a meaningless number that you can increase simply by non-stop tweeting.
    (Eg. I see accounts on complete autopilot, tweeting 100s of times a day with very high Klout scores. How is that an accurate reflection of influence?)

  • The main reason I like Klout is that they call me a “Celebrity”. I wonder if that will get me on the red carpet one of these days. I am pretty sure it is only because I aggravate people enough to want to stalk me. LOL