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paidContent has put together a list of what they think are the Top 50 Most Successful Digital Media Companies in the US. They based their decisions on which companies were bringing in the most money from online content and online advertising (estimated at times) and on the company’s strategy and future.

Not surprisingly Google, Yahoo, Apple and Microsoft took the top four places in that order. Fifth place went to Netflix with their estimated revenue of $1.5 billion-plus. Netflix recently lined up some big deals with the studios and now that they’re doing well with their streaming arm, the future looks very bright for this ground-breaker that is slowly clearing the field of all competition.

AOL came in seventh and is probably the most unpredictable company in the top ten. With all the firing and shifting of content over there, it’s hard to say where they’ll be by the end of the year. Better off or on the way out?

Facebook, which feels like it should rank higher, came in tenth with $1.07 billion in revenue. I’d expect them to climb the chart a few notches before the year end. Their popular playmate Zynga also made the list, claiming the 13th spot.

Online job search engines CareerBuilder and Monster came in 19th and 20th. Monster tying with WebMD, the leader in online health information.

Groupon may make a lot of noise, but they came in middle of the road, landing in the 23rd spot just above Major League Baseball. Football beat them both by a few notches.

Linkedin landed almost at the bottom of the list, but that’s likely to change with their new ad strategies. Also at the bottom, the parent companies for Classmates and Friend Finder, two sites that I didn’t realize were still big moneymakers now that Facebook has claimed much of their audience.

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