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Google AdWords: $3 ROI Offline for Every $1 Spent Online?

According to Google, you could earn $3 in offline sales for every $1 you spend on AdWords.

According to Google, you might see in store sales increase by 1.7%  if you spend money on AdWords.

According to Google…..

OK, let’s just stop right there.

The video below is a nicely produced animation to encourage bricks-and-mortar stores to spend more money on online advertising. It makes a lot of sense, and I am sure many will be convinced by it. My only concern is it uses individual examples to make a case that all instore sales see a lift from online advertising.

I’m not saying it’s trickeration, just be aware that when you watch this video, Google’s not saying that all advertisers see a 15:1 return on ad spend, but that a few advertisers did. ;-)


  • Oliver Whitham

    Google has been ramping up it’s advertising for adwords a lot over the last few months, I recently completed the Google Engage program, which basically shows you how to sell the Adwords program to clients.