Coca-Cola VP Talks About the Keys to Social Media Success

“The days of controlling the message are absolutely over. At best you’ll be invited in and you’ll get to co-create and participate with consumers.”

Wendy Clark, senior VP-integrated marketing communications and capabilities at the Coca-Cola Co., gave a presentation at the AdAge Digital Conference where she talked about how social media has completely changed the game for marketers. Though she was using her own multi-billion dollar company as a reference point, much of what she said applies to marketers at every level, from individuals promoting their own talents to small businesses and on up.

She talked about how over the years we’ve gone from delivering one message to the world, to delivering targeted variations, to the current climate where we create conversations that work two ways. She calls this new landscape, “liquid and linked.” Liquid because every piece of marketing has to spread out to the very furthest communication point and linked because it all has to relate back to the core message.

Content Dilemma: Big Benefits With Big Hurdles

We hear it all the time especially in the era of the social web. Strong content planning and delivery help win the day in the Internet space. Of course, there is grandfather of all content phrases “Content is king!” and in many ways it’s a cliché for a reason. Content is critical for online marketing success and people know it but they also know how hard it is to do well.

eMarketer reports on a survey done in March by HiveFire called the Content Curation Adoption Survey 2011 (I have never been a fan of the term content curation. Are we working in an online museum?) and it shows that marketers know the value of strong content creation and distribution.

Job Hunting? Here Are Some Options (JOB LISTINGS)

It’s nice to be able to say that the Internet marketing industry is one where finding a job is less of a chore than in other industries. That’s not to say it’s easy but at least there is opportunity.

Our job listings continue to grow as more people find job opportunities through our Job Board and more companies take advantage of the low cost to reach to our highly skilled audience. Here is a sample of some of our recent listings.

Global Media Manager, Senior – IEB – Global Marketing – Microsoft Redmond, WA

SEO Specialist – ThomasNet New York, NY

Marketing Promotional Planner – Deluxe Colorado Springs, CO

Marketing Intern – Pangea3 - Thomson Reuters New York, NY

Is Google Engineering A Social Media Train Wreck?

Boy it sure has been a busy official first week of the Larry Page era at Google. If current events are any indication it looks like there may be some interesting times ahead.

Why is that? Well, according to the Business Insider, Page has tied 25% of all employee bonuses for 2011 to the success or failure of Google’s social media efforts.

New Google CEO Larry Page, who stepped into the job this week, believes that Google needs to go “social” to compete.

“This is a joint effort so it’s important that we all get behind it,” we’re told Page writes in the confidential memo, subject-lined “2011 Bonus Multiplier.”

Page tells employees that are not directly involved in Google’s social efforts that they, too, will be held accountable. He writes that employees must test the products and give feedback.

Twitter Releases New Tools for Individuals and Marketers

Twitter is not playing around. This week, the company announced several new tools designed to make the user experience better for the average Tweeter and the markeTweeter.

Adam Bain, Twitter’s president of revenue broke the big news at the AdAge Digital Conference yesterday and it’s got folks all . . . dare I say. . “a twitter!”

The first big step is the inclusion of geo-relevant ad targeting. Up until now, promoted ads were either on or off. There was no way to target them to users in a specific location, even though Twitter has that information for every person who uses the service. But now, Twitter has geo-targeted ad opportunities available in 210 US cities and 100 countries with more locations coming soon.

YouTube Adds Channels as Part of Major Overhaul

NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CW and YouTube? The Wall Street Journal is reporting on a major YouTube overhaul that will have the site acting more like a TV network than a repository for random, user-generated videos.

The article says that YouTube is prepared to spend up to 100 million dollars on content created exclusively for the site. Content that goes beyond Rebecca Black’s “Friday, Friday” and endless hours of animals and babies doing funny things. What YouTube is after, is content that will have people tuning in week after week, just like they do for their favorite shows on TV.

Google AdWords: $3 ROI Offline for Every $1 Spent Online?

According to Google, you could earn $3 in offline sales for every $1 you spend on AdWords.

According to Google, you might see in store sales increase by 1.7%  if you spend money on AdWords.

According to Google…..

OK, let’s just stop right there.

The video below is a nicely produced animation to encourage bricks-and-mortar stores to spend more money on online advertising. It makes a lot of sense, and I am sure many will be convinced by it. My only concern is it uses individual examples to make a case that all instore sales see a lift from online advertising.

I’m not saying it’s trickeration, just be aware that when you watch this video, Google’s not saying that all advertisers see a 15:1 return on ad spend, but that a few advertisers did. ;-)