Klout’s Twitter Metrics Get More Clout

One of my favorite tools for Twitter is Trackur..sorry, old habit…Klout!

The service measures your influence across Twitter (and Facebook) and provide you with metrics and a handy-dandy score–out of one hundred. (We actually use Klout scores in the Trackur dashboard).

Anyhow, Klout has announced some impressive updates today:

1. Everyone has Klout: the all-new profile design provides better insight into your Klout score and persona

2. Compare Your Klout: compare your Klout profile to more than 75 million other profiles we’ve scored.

3. Understand Your Klout: our improved analysis shows more relevant topic and influencer data and a clearer view of how your Klout is changing over time. We analyze more than 3 billion relationships and 250 million pieces of content every day to accomplish this!

Attention PR/Media Relations Pros: Your Emails Are Now Spam!

Hopefully that headline got your attention.

This is not some bizarre court ruling that’s going to make it impossible for you to send out media pitches and press releases, it’s a policy update from Marketing Pilgrim.

As of today, any press release, media advisory, or “we think your readers will like this” emails will be marked as spam, if they are sent to andy AT marketingpil…com.

Sound harsh? Well, you should see my inbox!

I’ve tried replying with the correct method of contacting us, and we even have a news tips page for your submissions. None of that seems to be getting through.

So, this is the one and only time we’ll tell you that you should update your records to send all of the above type emails to editor AT marketingpilgrim.com.

Twitter Readies for the Royals

Maybe a few really intense baseball fans would think this post is about the Kansas City Royals but it’s not. Actually that would be more interesting than the Royal Wedding but I digress.

Pictured below is everyone favorite co-founder of a huge service that still doesn’t make the money people think it should. For the unaware it’s Twitter’s own Biz Stone. He is apparently readying an onslaught of Royal tweets. We thought putting a caption to this picture might be fun. I’ll get it started:

“Bieber is the real King. This royal wedding is just a royal pain. Long live the King. Hail to the Bieb!”

Give us your take in the comments.

When Peter Met Deborah: LinkedIn ID’s Power Names [Infographic]

OK, you know it’s slow in the world of Internet marketing when we interrupt your regular reading schedule with a ginormous infographic that tells you what’s in a person’s name from a business perspective.

Hey, it’s marketing so every little bit of data counts…..right? (via Business Insider)

SMB’s Continue to Increase Social Media Use

It comes as little surprise that among the SMB crowd, social media is gaining more and more traction. For many of the common reasons that SMB’s can be slower to adopt certain manners and methods of anything (lack of time, lack of resources etc) the adoption rate of social media offerings has been slow to get going but it’s going. A recent report from the American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor (as reported by eMarketer) shows that the shift continues toward social media being an increasingly important part of the SMB marketing repertoire over the past 4 years.

9 Out of 10 Moms Prefer Facebook

If you’re looking for mom, forget the kitchen, check Facebook. She’s probably over there right now, playing games, “liking” for coupons and tagging embarrassing baby pictures of you for all your friends to see.

The January 2011  “How US Moms Share and Spread Information” survey by Lucid Marketing says that 93% of the moms that answered the survey use Facebook and 36% use Twitter.

Blogging, once the hottest trend with online mommies, now sits at only 34% but what’s really odd is that 20% of moms said they still use MySpace. Really? Must be all those Shirley Partridge moms who have their own rock band.

Delicious is Saved by YouTube Founders

I know people who literally had a case of the vapors when they heard that bookmarking site Delicious was shutting down, but today they are breathing easier. Delicious has been saved.

Thanks go to Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the founders of YouTube. Before that, they worked for Paypal, so I’d say they understand the internet biz. That’s the good news. The potential bad news is there are likely to be changes ahead and that might start some people gasping for air once again.

Delicious is going to move from Yahoo! to the servers of AVOS, a new company that appears to have been built for this very purpose. According to the FAQ, the change over will happen around July of this year and all users will need to either opt-in to move their bookmarks or lose them in the shift.