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AMC’s series “The Walking Dead” is making quite a splash in the UK but for all the wrong reasons. A billboard, advertising the zombie-themed series appeared next to a funeral home and people are not happy.

(Photo: North News)

A ClearChannel spokesman said that it was an “unfortunate juxtaposition.” He apologized and said the sign would be removed. The funeralcare owner expressed his displeasure saying that when the space was leased, he was assured that nothing “inappropriate” would be featured there.

It’s unlikely that anyone at ClearChannel made the connection between the sign placement and the next-door neighbor. If they did, then it was a person with a wicked sense of humor who signed off on it. Or maybe it was an advertising genius. Obviously, the people who put up the sign weren’t concerned or maybe they simply didn’t walk around to the other side of the building.

But let’s pretend that ClearChannel knew exactly what it was doing. Was it a smart move? They’ve certainly gotten more than their share of press out of the situation. Some people thought it was in poor taste, but some found it funny (cough *Groupon Super Bowl ad* cough).

Given that “The Walking Dead” appeals to a trendy audience with a love of all things gruesome, would you take the chance and put up the sign next to a funeral home or a cemetery? And do you think this was a brilliant marketing move or a major oops?

  • I like that marketing . I think that funeral home must to be happy to surf with ‘walking dead promotion’

  • Brilliant marketing move. The amount they paid for that billboard is dwarfed by the amount of free press they’ve received. The target audience of the show won’t be turned off.

    (BTW, I admit I don’t frequent funeral parlors, but that is by far the trendiest looking funeral parlor I’ve seen in my life. Purple?)

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