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When Peter Met Deborah: LinkedIn ID’s Power Names [Infographic]

OK, you know it’s slow in the world of Internet marketing when we interrupt your regular reading schedule with a ginormous infographic that tells you what’s in a person’s name from a business perspective.

Hey, it’s marketing so every little bit of data counts…..right? (via Business Insider)

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Sometimes an infographic is exactly what you need on a Thursday morning! Data is data, right? Actually, you could turn this into a lesson about the importance of human interpretation of data. Just because you have the numbers, that doesn’t mean you found out anything really useful.

    • Frank Reed

      Ouch Nick that hurts. How can’t this ‘data’ be useful in your day to day needs? :-)

  • Cynthia Boris

    Hey, I made the list!

    • Frank Reed

      I saw that and was not surprised!