More Than Half of Smartphone Users Say ‘It’s My Life’

Prosper Mobile Insights asked 100 smartphone users to describe their relationship with their phone. More than half of them said it was their life and that’s both cool and scary at the same time.

The survey was conducted in May and it involved slightly more men than women. When asked which features they couldn’t live without 21.6% said texting, 16.7% said internet and 15.7% said email.

Surfing with the Smartphone

One of the most surprising data points in this survey is that 55.9% of users prefer using their smartphone over their computer when accessing the web. What exactly are they using it for? Here’s the breakdown.

Don’t Be a Jerk and Other Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

PR people sometimes get a bad wrap as aggressive, yarn-spinners who are willing to do anything to get their client press. The truth is, most of these hard-working individuals spend their days riding that fine line between saying too much and saying too little. And at least once in their career (only once if they’re lucky), they’ll spend a hellatious week trying to repair the damage created by a bad decision or a slip of the lip.

Undoubtedly, that’s why PR people put “Don’t be a Jerk” on their list of Do’s and Don’ts for social media success. “Mastering Public Relations in Social Media” is a new white paper from PRNewswire and it’s loaded with practical information everyone can use.

Twitter Set To Enter the Photo Sharing Game

If you have built a business as a third party client for anything that is connected to Twitter this news should make you (and any investors) rethink your position. It is being reported that Twitter will be announcing its own photo sharing offering. Couple this with the recent acquisition of TweetDeck and it is clear that Twitter wants to bring the most important aspects of the service ‘in-house’.

This move was first reported by TechCrunch yesterday

Twitter has been completely emphatic about where developers should stake a claim, with Twitter Platform Lead Ryan Sarver warning the ecosystem to stay away from building “client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience.”

HubSpot CEO Calls for Marketers to Stop Renting Now!

If you think that HubSpot CEO, Brian Halligan, is advocating home ownership for marketers this post will be a disappointment. If you are interested in seeing this marketing visionary’s view of what marketers should really be doing for success then, by all means, read on.

So you are aware, HubSpot is a Marketing Pilgrim sponsor of our Inbound Marketing channel. Despite that, when I had the chance to talk to Halligan about his and his company’s view of the future of marketing, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I can say that I came away thinking a bit differently about marketing in general. In a day and age where expert advice consists of many people saying the same things over and over despite not necessarily knowing what they are saying, talking with Halligan was refreshing. Simply put, he gets it.

Thank You

Today we honor those who have given so much so we can live free.

Thank you to all who have died to protect the freedoms of the United States and to the family members who have suffered in that loss.

Words cannot describe the gratitude we feel.

God bless.

Cup of Joe: So, What Are You Wearing?

I hate wearing collared shirts. They feel so unnatural, like my neck grew wings or something. I also hate shaving. I mean. seriously, when was the last time you thought “dragging a razor blade across my face sounds like fun!” I also don’t wear socks. I just don’t like the way they make my toes feel. I guess it’s a good thing I own my own business, given that most of the time I look like a homeless person. (If you are a homeless person, I am sorry, it was just a joke. And where did you get a computer? That’s awesome!)

Google Unseats Yahoo for Tops in Online Display

Google may be known for search, but they just passed Yahoo in online display ads. The numbers come from IDC and they were reported on by AdAge. Here are the key numbers:

In Q1 2011, Google’s share 14.7% vs Yahoo’s 12.3%. Google is also growing nearly as fast at Yahoo is declining. To make matters worse for the ex-ad king, Facebook is only a few lengths behind.

Here are the revenue amounts:

  • Google: $396 million in display
  • Yahoo: $330 million
  • Facebook: $238 million

Now that’s a horserace.

From the numbers, it would seem like Yahoo should be making Google voodoo dolls about now, but the expert at IDC says it wouldn’t help.