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SMX hit London this week and Marketing Pilgrim writer Gareth Davies was on hand to capture 13 of the most notable quotes by this year’s speakers. So here they are.

1. Why does page speed matter?

“Because Google has announced – let’s make the web faster”

Richard Baxter – Seo Gadget

2. Twitter advertising

“Promoted Tweets with no targeting cost…$80,000 a day!”

Martin Macdonald – OMD Group

3. Bing

“Bing sucks at broad matching. Don’t expect Bing to recognise broadly matched synonyms like Google”

Daniel Ruby – Chitika

4. FaceBook

“Facebook exists to keep people on Facebook…they only give lip service to Bing”

Daniel Ruby – Chitika

5. Bing/ Yahoo traffic

“Google UK traffic is dwarfing Yahoo and Bing on some of our sites”

Gil Reich –

6. Targeting keywords

“The long tail of search is 94% of searches. If you only focus on the head of the search tail you are potentially missing out on most of the traffic”

Kevin Gibbons – SEOptimise

7. Twitter traffic

“Digg traffic used to top out at around 20-30k visitors in day. Twitter can be a much bigger referer and refer up to 70-80k visitors in a day”

Patrick Altoft – Branded3

8. Does content have to be remarkable?

“The execution of link bait is very important. Fairly average content that has been well executed can work well”

Pete Wailes – Strategy Internet Marketing

9. Where does Google want to send people?

“Google wants to convert people before they land on a business’s actual website. Google Product search is being localized and you can now even make hotel bookings direct off some of the Google Places pages”

David Mihm –

10. The Google algorithm

“Around 300-500 updates are made to the Google algorithm in a year”

Max Thomas – Thunder SEO

11. User engagement

“Matt Cutts mentioned that if you have a lot of URLs that people are not engaging with, then you might want to remove them from your website or no-index them”

Max Thomas – Thunder SEO

12. Best advice for SEO?

“I published this idea about 10 years ago. It is a very effective strategy…I’d call it the best SEO strategy ever, and its very, very simple. DO NOT OPTIMIZE FOR SEARCH ENGINES. Focus on users to stay ahead of the engines, this is the best SEO strategy I can offer you today and tomorrow”

Mikkel deMib Svendsen – deMib

13. Advertising on LinkedIn

“Give until it hurts…do negative calls to action and then close with organic”

Mary Morud – aimClear

Gareth Davies has worked in SEO since 2002 and is director of the SEO agency GSINC Ltd. As well as client work he also consults for the web retailer group SafeBuy and is editor of Ecommerce Monthly newsletter. Follow him on Twitter @GarethGSINC

  • DO NOT OPTIMIZE FOR SEARCH ENGINES. Focus on users to stay ahead of the engines.

    Something I am constantly reminding my clients of. If you favor the search engines over the user, you’ll go out of business real fast. The search engines aren’t looking to do business with you. You have to appeal to the visitor no matter what.

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