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Cause marketing isn’t just for non-profits. Almost every high profile company has been involved in some kind of charity effort to the point where it can look more like a play to up profits and less like an honest attempt to do good.

If you’re involved in cause marketing, take a look at the results of this study by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication.

The study is called Dynamics of Cause Engagement and it explores a wide range of areas including, in this case, the differences between the sexes.

More than four in ten Americans (45%) are actively involved with supporting causes, and women make up a significantly larger part of this group than men.

The top causes among both men and women are feeding the hungry and supporting the troops. Women also support breast cancer and youth-related causes while men leaned toward political efforts.

Both sexes will equally give money or discuss the issues with others, but women are more likely to volunteer their time or donate items to charity.

Cause Marketing and Social Media

Two-thirds of women (65%) believe that social networking sites can increase visibility for causes, and six in ten (60%) believe they allow people to support causes more easily.

Women were more likely than men to join a cause on a social network, but it looks like we might be reaching the saturation point.

Nearly half the people surveyed said they get too many cause-related emails and three quarters said that these emails feel like spam.

Nearly half the respondents also said that “liking” a cause of Facebook doesn’t mean much because every does it just because they feel like they should.

The upside for cause marketers is that women will reward your efforts by becoming a loyal shopper.

Survey results confirm that American women are significantly more likely than men to show their support of a cause by purchasing products or services from companies who support the cause. In addition, women are more likely to learn about causes through corporate partner or sponsor promotions, including advertisements, product packaging, and in-store displays.

Overall, it’s pretty good news. So if women are your target audience, initiate a charitable effort through your business. It will be good for you and for the world.