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The location based services market is growing but there are still hurdles to overcome including privacy concerns. It appears as if there have been enough scary stories in the press to make people a little nervous about whether joining the location game is worth the effort. Couple that concern with many people not really understanding just why they need to tell everyone where they are at all times and you have some roadblocks to acceptance for those playing in the location sector (not much, granted, but at least some).

eMarketer reports on a survey conducted the firm White Horse that shows more people know about location based services but aren’t necessarily using them.

At least according to this study, it appears as if Facebook Places has jumped ahead of all other services. Maybe this could be a case of all ships rising with a rising tide but I suspect that most people won’t be interested in managing multiple apps. The breakout below is interesting as it claims Google’s Latitude has more acceptance than foursquare. Interesting.

So what is it Pilgrims on this fine Monday morning? Do you use location services like Foursquare and Facebook Places? Maybe an even more interesting question is how many of you turn to Google Latitude for your “here’s where I am every second of every day” needs?

In the end, are privacy concerns truly a concern for you? If not then are there any concerns at all or is that for everyone else to worry about?

  • I used to use foursquare a lot, love checking into place, after a while, it got bored, mainly because check in while i am at places, I notice people checking in everywhere near them, going after mayorship and it was annoying and creating new and fake places to get mayorships.

    So I decided to use facebook checkins instead, because my friends are there and my friends are on facebook more than they are on foursquare, moreover my friends can respond to my wall etc.

    Facebook make more sense overall to me

  • I’ve been messing with all three of those mentioned…. Foursquare, Latitude, and Facebook Places… I actually have been enjoying Foursquare the most… but like the previous commenter mentioned, I might be somewhat taken from that “new car” smell that I have right now with Foursquare.

  • Privacy is definitely a concern of mine and we need to be extra careful becau now it’s not “if you click this we’ll track you”, it’s “if you forget to uncheck this tiny box, we’ll get your location”! It’s annoying. I don’t feel the need to use any location based services.
    I got lost in the city a few days ago and I was with a friend who told me “hey why don’t you look where we are on your smartphone?”. I had totally forgotten I could do that. I just asked someone in the street and found the street I was going to. 🙂