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Environmentally conscience websites got a boost in April thanks to Earth Day and our ever increasing interest in all things green. According to comScore’s Media Metrix report for April 2011, “green” websites were up 32%, more than three times the change of any other category. Shine Green had the most visitors with Planet Green and Care2 scooping up several million visitors each. Even the government’s EPA website visits rose 10%.

Entertainment sites got a boost thanks the the Royal Wedding giving them a record high of 100 million. It’s a bit frightening to see that TMZ came in second with 15 million visitors while People had 12.8 and E! Online handled 8.3.

Top Properties

Yahoo! Sites came in number one in April with 187.4 million visitors, followed by Microsoft Sites and Google. Despite rumors of their imminent demise, Demand Media came in 12th, but much of that was probably poor writers checking in to see if there was any work. Linkedin landed at 31 with Yelp at 34. CBS, NBC, Fox and Disney all made the top 50 and Netflix jumped up 6 spots proving we do love our entertainment.

As for sites with the most gains, and both had impressive gains of around 50% and (unknown to me) had a 70% increase in traffic. What’s that all about?

Ad Networks

Google Ad Network got the top spot with 196,400 visitors which equals a reach of 91.6%. Yahoo’s reach is 87.4% and AOL advertising has 83.6%. Facebook comes in 11th with 71.8% reach.

If you’d like more details and more charts, you can download the free report from comScore. Just click here.