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A man in Egypt named his daughter Facebook, which maybe isn’t any stranger than Blanket or Moon Unit, but what are they going to call her for short? If they call her Face, people will think she was named after an A-Team character. Maybe Bookie?

I know many of you don’t like it, but Facebook is gaining popularity all over the world and comScore has a chart to prove it. Look.

Chart: comScore_Facebook Global Growth

comScore_Facebook Global Growth

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Across the board, Facebook usage is up 43% and look at Asia and the Middle East, the growth percentage is encouraging. . . or discouraging, depending on your point of view.

Have you updated your status today?

  • click tweet button, is @marketingpilgrim misspelled?

  • Wow, Asia has huge jump. Maybe because of the population. I believe Asia has great potential to be most people using Facebook in the world.

    Thanks for sharing, Cynthia!

  • Well, Facebook really is dominating over all social networks. We might know this site can be useful for internet marketing. I think almost all people in Asia are using Facebook nowadays. It’s a big impact for the site.

  • This morning i just get a news that they use facebook “like” to help them decide to give their son a name.
    Facebook become that popular now until it like a trend which more better than iphone. They have change the culture of new generation. Facebook become top rank in most of countries which overtake google.
    Asia is a place that still able to increase much which facebook is start develop in the larger market in Asia which is China. China never accept outsider search engine but finally they accept facebook to integrate with.