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Facebook has been like every other company trying to capitalize on the location based services and deals craze. While everyone is barking about how Google has taken a disjointed approach to all of this little has been said about Facebook’s own jumbled efforts to get a piece of this market which many feel has huge potential.

No one has really been saying much about Facebook Places and Checkin Deals because, well honestly, not many people have been doing much with them.

Inside Facebook reports

When Places launched in August, owners of physical spaces could claim their Place, and also had the option to merge claimed Places with Pages. At the time, merged Places pages used the unfamiliar left-side navigation menu layout that wouldn’t be rolled out to until February. They also lacked some functionality of Pages, there were some bugs in the merging process, and they couldn’t be unmerged, making it a somewhat difficult decision for admins.

Meanwhile, Facebook launched Checkin Deals in November that can be used to incentivize checkins with discounts or charity donations. Since then, though, few businesses have offered Checkin Deals, few users are aware of them let alone have redeemed them, and attention has shifted toward’s Facebook’s prepaid coupon service called simply Deals. These facts signal that Facebook needs to do a better job with outreach and accessibility — two things assisted by this change.

Now business pages that display an address are automatically being merged with Places listings thus allowing businesses to fully utilize the Checkin Deal feature.

Facebook is simply trying to figure this out just like everyone else. One thing that it appears most companies are seeing is that the more disparate parts that are not integrated and used from one spot in the application, the chances for success are pretty low.

Of course this makes the most sense since most people are familiar with a business’ Facebook page and, let’s face it, most are looking for deals there so why not allow them to checkin and get something? Oh and that something is then posted on your friends’ feeds as well so the word of mouth for business could be invaluable.

With all the things that are going in the rapidly expanding location based service market it’s hard to keep track. However, the sheer pace of innovation (or in this case consolidation) of services is not helping to speed the adoption rates. Of course that doesn’t mean they won’t pick up because they will, especially of there are some real nice deal attached to the act of checking in.

Are you checking in with Facebook? Have you seen or taken advantage of Checkin Deals to this point? Tell us your story.

  • I’ve been using Foursquare over Facebook and been enjoying it… I think Facebook still has an issue with being considered a source for actual consumer purchases, and instead is a social platform for displaying updates/images.