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Properly labeled and tagged photos can help any website get an extra search engine boost and now Facebook is ready to give you that same leg-up.

Facebook’s new photo-tagging feature allows anyone to tag a photo with any Facebook Brand & Product or People page. Here’s a visual example:

When the tagger clicks the photo you get a drop down of your own pages to choose from, or you can type in the page you want. Right now, only the specified categories are available, so not everything you type in will return a result.

The best part for marketers is that you don’t have to wait for a customer to tag a photo. If the photo is public, you can tag it and it will show up in the photo area of your page. If a photo is private, then it can only be tagged by the user and will not show up in the public space even if tagged with the brand.

As you can imagine, one day in, and there are already plenty of complaints on the Facebook blog. Many people are asking for an option to disable photo tagging as they see it as another mode of spreading spam.

The caveat here is tag gently.  Tag photos that legitimately showcase your products and if there are a lot, let a few go. This is a nice feature that could help drive some traffic to your brand page, but right now, it’s kind of a “why not.”

Tag! You’re it.

  • This is great I love doing it :]

  • Hey Cynthia thanks for the breaking news!

    I like fb foto tagging but sometimes it can be a bit annoying, the video tagging also.
    I get folk all the time ‘tagging’ ME in pictures & video’s just so I will visit there page or watch their lame video! To be honest I don’t know why they bother cos who really, aclually falls for spam these days?

    Anywoo… what it comes down to is if it’s not my immediate friends tagging me than I just delete it! So should everyone else & let these spam merchants know that they are just wasting THEIR time.

    Thanks again,
    Robbie Gee
    Bespoke Web Design Scotland

  • i think it will generate lots of spam

  • Yes, I agree with Natalia, it will generate lots of spam. Cynthia thanks for these news.



  • i so happy with this application. I believe that it would help in online marketing work even better. Maybe i can made it to help in online marketing such as contest and sort kind of publicity in other fan page as well.
    I understand that this will bring lot of spam but it maybe work faster than using email marketing method to split news and promotion all around.
    Good job for facebook.