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Who has more registered members, Facebook or Skype?

The average person is going to say Facebook, but since I’m asking the question, you’re probably going to pick Skype. The truth is somewhere in between. According to their S.1, Skype has 663 million registered users. Back in July, Facebook crossed the 500 million mark, so it’s likely they’re very close to Skype’s number about now.

So what will happen if these two giants join forces? I’ll be very unhappy. I’m sure that’s not going to affect Facebook’s decision, but I’d rather see Skype go to big brother Google. Why? Because Facebook is about bells and whistles and forcing people to share and smile. It’s the social media equivalent of a Coca-Cola commercial.

Google, on the other hand, is the workhorse. All these years and they still have that drop-dead simple home page. That’s Skype – it’s simple and effective. Also, Google has their free phone call option now, so they’re already playing in the same space. Why not join forces and be stronger for it?

Says Reuters, there’s no official conformation from any camp about a potential buy out, but they’re looking at Skype’s stalled IPO as a sign that something is up.

“When a company is not going public and it has been on file for a long time, one way or another something is going to happen.”

Let’s hope that something is a marriage between Google and Skype.

  • Would be interesting to see how that combination works out. Personally, I’d rather see Skype keep running solo. I had no idea they had 600MM+ users!

  • Jaap Willem

    I’m only afraid if Google gets skype, they will put it full of ads.
    Just to mention a third company, twitter, that would be a nice mash-up. Sending tweets to call someone :). Or podcasts and live streams attached to a tweet.

    • Agreed, would rather they ran solo but certainly don’t want them to join with facebook. I agree with the writer regarding like a coca cola advert aaaargh can’t think of anything worse!!

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  • What does it mean though, if Facebook gets Skype? Does it mean that the existing platform will be subjugated to the FB stream or will it stay the same?