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Google’s new Inside Search blog is already coming in handy. We learn today that Google is adding flight information to search results.

They are also careful to note that this is just the beginning considering the latest events around their move into the travel business.

With the close of our ITA acquisition last month, we’re eager to begin developing new flight search tools to make it easier for you to plan a trip. While this flight schedule feature does not currently use ITA’s search technology, this is just a small step towards making richer travel information easier to find, and we hope to make finding flights online feel so easy, it’ll feel like… well, a vacation!

Why would the experience need to be richer? Well, Bing has been giving flight results for a while now and they already have a more interactive approach. When I performed the same search as used in the Google post in Bing this is what you get.

The ability to put information into a drop down menu and alter the data in the search itself leads to a much richer experience which includes tips on whether to buy now or wait based on pricing.

So Google has a ways to go to match the type of result you get in Bing. But Google has the one thing that Bing just can’t seem to get: people to use their search engine without even thinking about it. As a result, Google will someday mimic the type of result that Bing now offers and will further distance itself from the rest of the search field even though, in this case, they were a distant second in innovation.

That’s the way the search world turns.

Your thoughts?