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Now, I can almost guess what will happen with this post. Despite the frenzied level the talk reaches about Groupon’s possible, maybe, kinda, sorta IPO, it seems whenever we post about this “hot” company our readers run for the exits. Why is that? Tell us in the comments if you feel so led.

This time though, the latest Groupon announcement is for Groupon Now which sounds pretty cool actually. Here’s the Groupon promo video to explain this service that could be a real differentiator when it comes to the crowded daily deal space (I’m serious. I’m not just saying that to get you to hang around, honest).

If you live in a urban area where this could happen like the video it’s interesting for sure. Not sure it works so well in a car in suburbia but let’s not quibble.

Your thoughts?

  • I think Google is in the process of making something like this, but Groupon has an edge by coming up with this earlier than Google. Let’s see where the war takes it to??

  • I was wondering when Groupon was going to get into the hyper-local arena. The idea that a user can find a deal based on exactly where they are, not just the general area, is gaining traction with a lot of companies. You have a point about it being more useful in a city, but it could have its place in the burbs as well.

  • Dean

    Great extension of the Groupon business model although I must say I was waiting for Big Frank’s burger to literally blow her face off after she took a bite.

    • @Dean – That would’ve gone viral and possibly added another cool billion to the IPO number! BTW, I have no known relation to Frank.

  • I think Groupon Now is going to be a great addition to the Groupon site. People will now be able to use Groupon wherever they are.

    A great site for consumers to use to find deals and sales in their specific area from any daily deal site is They’ll send you a daily email with the best buys for you!

    • Nora – Where have you been? There was a post the other day about Groupon and you weren’t here to pimp your deal site. Really missed ya………….

  • I was hoping the burger would blow her face off, too. That would have upped the awesome quotient.

  • Matt

    Livingsocial released “Livingsocial Instant” a few weeks ago in DC to HUGE success… Groupon is coming on 2nd here