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Take a look at the women in your life, (go ahead, they’ll appreciate it) and notice who it is they all turn to when they need advice about anything from movies to make-up.

If you’re living in a typical world, you’ll find that a few women in the circle stand out as influencers. They’re the ones who always seem to know the latest trend, where to find the hottest deal and what’s coming out later this month.

Marina Maher Communications (MMC), refers to these women as the “Influence-Hers” and to marketers, they’re like finding a golden ticket to the Wonka factory. The bad news is that, like Wonka tickets, there are only a few of them. According to MMC’s recent survey of over 2,000 women, only 12% of women fall into this category. The good news is, they’re open to listening to your message and if they like you, they like you a lot.

So how do you influence the Influence-Her? MMC has a few pointers.

Choose the right endorsers to reach her.

You would think that this strongly opinionated women would shy away from marketing hype, but according to the survey, that’s not so. It turns out they are highly susceptible to celebrity endorsements and the media. The trick is picking the right endorser for your product. Getting Taylor Swift to promote your line of prom gowns would be a go but Ellen DeGeneres, not so much.

Provide her with relevant, share-able information.

Says MMC, “Did you know” are three of the Influence-Her’s favorite words. Fill your website and Facebook page with facts and tips that will make her life better. Then offer her the tools to make sharing easy. This could be a share button, an embedded video or a widget. The survey shows that this powerful woman will not only “like” you, she’ll write a review, so give her a place to do that.

Show her you care.

Once you have her attention, take the time to find out what she really wants. You may find that all it takes is a slight change of positioning to turn a so-so seller into a hot item. Listen and reward. Here’s where a complimentary sample box will go a long, long way.

The Influence-Her is a rare and wondrous lady, so once you find one, you’ll want to do whatever you can to keep her on your side.

If you’d like more details from this study, visit the MMC blog. You’ll find a link to request the document at the bottom of the page.
Thanks to AdAge for the head’s on the survey.

  • It is quite disappointing that there are only few women who are legitimate influencers. I wonder why it is though? Is it really gender related or just a little more of something else?