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A new study by digital publisher YUDU, states that 40% of people who download a reader app register their personal information when given the option. It’s a surprisingly high number given all of the public outcry over privacy online and “do not track.”

Magazine apps had the highest opt-in rate at 41.48%,with brochure apps coming in just below that at 38.65% and catalog apps at 37.48%. YUDU thinks that the number of people opting-in to the sales apps is surprising in its own right. As a shopper, however, I see it the other way around. I’m happy to give a company my personal data if it’s going to help me buy a product I want, but why does a magazine need my address when it’s all digital?


The study also shows that the average reading time for iPad magazines has increased by 50% since they began monitoring the situation, which fits in with studies that show that overall iPad usage is growing.

What’s even more remarkable is the 64% of magazine app users, return to the app again and they do it an average of 3.7 times. Almost half of those who downloaded digital brochures came back, revisiting the app an average of 1.8 times.

In the “I’m not sure what to make of this” category, the YUDU study shows a large jump in in-app sales in January and then again in February, but after that sales drop off, still up over last year, but not anywhere near February’s numbers.

Maybe all those new Christmas iPad owners simply ran out of money by March and had to stop buying things. Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

What you can make of all of this is that digital magazines have a future and that means more places to digitally advertise your goods and services. It also means, that if you can put together your own branded digital magazine, you have a very good chance of getting and keeping an audience.

You can read the full report from YUDU when you click here.