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It looks like Google really is turning into a marketing company after all. Now they have entered the ‘research as PR’ phase in the process of getting the word out about local and mobile.

Of course, they are just doing what everyone else does and doing it quite well in a study they released last month regarding mobile. The study was brought to my attention from Chief Marketer. Here are a few of the more interesting charts and bits of information.

The first is about activities that mobile users are involved in when using a smartphone.

Of course urgency wins the day with mobile users as well with most of them needing something pretty much right away.

And when this gets down to the business side of things on the local level mobile means a variety of actions are taken and almost all seem to be moving toward the ultimate marketer’s goal: a sale.

So while these don’t come as any real surprise, it’s that very fact that we as marketer’s must remain acutely aware of. As soon as we let our guard down and start to act as if this stuff is ‘normal’ then we will not be sharp enough to take advantage of the real opportunity that exists.

Honestly, I would recommend you see the rest of the information here and see if anything looks too familiar to you. If it does then you need a wake up call to remember that the only way to win the mobile battle is to remember just how new and fresh it really is.

  • There is no denying that mobile is an increasingly important piece of a business’s online and offline success. As more and more consumers turn to smartphones, mobile is only going to get more powerful. Maybe these statistics aren’t ground breaking, but they are important to remember and account for.

  • @Nick – That’s my point exactly. These stats aren’t going to knock anyone out of their seats because the industry may already be jaded to the basics. In anything in life, once you take your eye off the basics the wheels can come off the wagon real quickly. We are so new into the mobile age that we need to remember and master the basics before we run off and chase a shiny object that may look cool but isn’t the right place to be.

    The Internet space is so incredibly ADHD that we have to focus on doing the basics well or else there will be the disappointment of why didn’t it work when that shouldn’t have been part of the equation if we were keeping our eye on the ball.

  • I thought it was bad to use a mobile phone while filling up fuel/gas since there is a risk of explosion.