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Prosper Mobile Insights asked 100 smartphone users to describe their relationship with their phone. More than half of them said it was their life and that’s both cool and scary at the same time.

The survey was conducted in May and it involved slightly more men than women. When asked which features they couldn’t live without 21.6% said texting, 16.7% said internet and 15.7% said email.

Surfing with the Smartphone

One of the most surprising data points in this survey is that 55.9% of users prefer using their smartphone over their computer when accessing the web. What exactly are they using it for? Here’s the breakdown.

When asked about the experience of taking a survey on their smartphone, the response was very positive. Users said it was easy, if not easier than using a computer and some said they’d be willing to fill out more surveys if they could do them on their phones.

The point here is that the smartphone is now the entertainment of choice while waiting in line, eating lunch or killing time between appointments. What you as a marketer needs to do, is find a way to deliver your message as a short, entertaining burst and you’ll have the eyeballs of smartphone users everywhere.

  • Smartphones are dominating the market as more and more users find they can’t remember life without them. Mobile marketing is a increasingly important component of any marketing strategy. Clearly, people use their smartphones for all kinds of things, just about every business can find a way to fit into that.

  • Couldn’t agree more with this article… smartphones are a part of our society, and because of this, people expect to get answers/results even faster.

  • And it’s now or never. I ain’t gonna live forever.