Facebook Feed Change Hurts Marketers Most

Have you noticed a change in your Facebook news feed? It’s actually been happening for several months now but most people are just beginning to notice. The first sign is when you suddenly realize that you haven’t seen an update from a favorite brand in a while. Then you notice another missing person and another after that.

Those people haven’t stopped posting, but Facebook has decided you’re not interested enough in them, so they’ve been removed from your feed. The culprit is a drop down that branches off the “Most Recent” link which is now set to “Friends and Pages you interact with most.” In order to override this, you must go to Edit Options and choose “All of your friends and pages.”

Google Says Efforts in China Running Like ‘Normal’

While the words normal and Google are rarely used together considering the vast number of areas and projects the search engine monster is involved in it appears as if they are trying to promote the ‘normalcy’ of their Chinese operations.

For the past year nothing has been normal as it relates to Google and China. Google continues to lose market share to the Chinese search leader Baidu and has tried to give the impression that they are fighting the good fight in the face of Chinese government censorship.

Meanwhile, Facebook is taking the exact opposite approach and appears to be ready to whatever is needed to cash in on some Chinese social media traffic but that’s another story.

The Seattle Times reports

For Google It’s Location, Location, Location

Well, after it was confirmed that a foursquare check-in at a small mountain coffee shop is what did in Osama bin Laden, everyone is fired up about location services. What? That’s not what happened? Hey, someone tweeted it so I figured it had to be true.

One thing for certain though is there is one company out there cares about everyone’s location and e-mails have been leaked to prove it. That’s none other than Google who along with Apple has recently come under fire about how they collect and handle user data from mobile devices.

The Wall Street Journal reports

Google Inc.’s collection of location information from millions of mobile devices and personal computers is “extremely valuable” to the company’s future business, according to an email written by a Google product manager last year.