Earth Day and Royal Wedding Give Top Web Sites a Boost

Environmentally conscience websites got a boost in April thanks to Earth Day and our ever increasing interest in all things green. According to comScore’s Media Metrix report for April 2011, “green” websites were up 32%, more than three times the change of any other category. Shine Green had the most visitors with Planet Green and Care2 scooping up several million visitors each. Even the government’s EPA website visits rose 10%.

Entertainment sites got a boost thanks the the Royal Wedding giving them a record high of 100 million. It’s a bit frightening to see that TMZ came in second with 15 million visitors while People had 12.8 and E! Online handled 8.3.

Top Properties

Mobile Insights from Google

It looks like Google really is turning into a marketing company after all. Now they have entered the ‘research as PR’ phase in the process of getting the word out about local and mobile.

Of course, they are just doing what everyone else does and doing it quite well in a study they released last month regarding mobile. The study was brought to my attention from Chief Marketer. Here are a few of the more interesting charts and bits of information.

The first is about activities that mobile users are involved in when using a smartphone.

Of course urgency wins the day with mobile users as well with most of them needing something pretty much right away.

What’s Working for SEO in 2011: A Review from London SMX

Gareth Davies of GSINC Ltd covered SMX London last week and filed this report.

With the latest Google Panda update, and the issues some webmasters have faced as a result of the update, attendees at this year’s SMX LONDON were looking for answers to what’s working for SEO in 2011.

The panel consisted of Mikkel deMib Svendsen, Christine Churchill and Max Thomas.

SMX London panel

SEO Has Evolved:

First up was Mikkel deMib Svendsen. Mikkel began by reminding attendees that when it comes to SEO, things are very different in 2011 to what has gone before.

In the 1990’s SEO was relatively easy…simple algorithms meant that SEO was mainly about on-page factors and search engines had very few (if any) people dedicated to fighting Spam. Today the search engine algorithms are very complex, and there are huge teams dedicated to fighting Spam.

And Now Marketing Advice from John Rich and Gary Busey

Homogenized messages have no soul. Take a moment to internalize that and then we’ll move on. That thought comes to you from John Rich, the newly crowned winner of Celebrity Apprentice and Gary Busey who cannot be described with mere words.

The two of them sat down together to talk social media marketing with Top View and as silly as it may sound, they make some great points. As Rich explains, the power of social media is that it has the ability to create a personal connection with another person, a person you may never actually meet. You may not have the pleasure of sharing “cig-ars” with Busey, but you can converse with him on Twitter.

Consumers to the Internet: We Trust You, We Really Trust You!

When it comes to finding information about items they’d like to purchase, 69% of the respondents in Yahoo’s new study said they trusted the internet. They study is called “The Long and Winding Road: Gamesmanship of Shopping” and it’s the lead up to a webinair they’ll be delivering later this week.
The concept they’re after here is that thanks to the internet, consumers have the ability to do a lot more research before a purchase than they could in the past. They’re using search engines and online content to explore their purchase options and getting recommendations from friends through social media. Because of this, buyers are less impulsive, which isn’t necessarily the best news for marketers.

One thing that does spur a buyer on to faster action is the deal.

SMB’s Spreading Online Acquisition Efforts Too Thin?

One common activity when a person or an organization is trying to do something important but aren’t quite sure how to get there is to try a little bit of everything to see what works.

Well, while the idea seems OK the reality is that trying too much at once can water down results of some otherwise strong options. It looks like the SMB market may be experiencing some of this as they try to acquire more customers via online channels.

eMarketer reports from a survey conducted by Bredin Business Information that SMB’s are increasing their efforts across the board to find that elusive customer

Cup of Joe: Its Time To Stop Staring And Start Going

MoonWhen I was a kid I used to have this little red telescope that I got for Christmas one year. I remember setting it up on the roof of our storage shed and looking up at the moon with my dad. It wasn’t much of a telescope, but it was good enough too see some craters, and for an 8 year old kid that was pretty cool. Since then I have always liked the moon. Even to this day I find myself staring up at the night sky tracing its edge.