13 Quotes of Note From SMX London

SMX hit London this week and Marketing Pilgrim writer Gareth Davies was on hand to capture 13 of the most notable quotes by this year’s speakers. So here they are.

1. Why does page speed matter?

“Because Google has announced – let’s make the web faster”

Richard Baxter – Seo Gadget

2. Twitter advertising

“Promoted Tweets with no targeting cost…$80,000 a day!”

Martin Macdonald – OMD Group

3. Bing

“Bing sucks at broad matching. Don’t expect Bing to recognise broadly matched synonyms like Google”

Daniel Ruby – Chitika

4. FaceBook

“Facebook exists to keep people on Facebook…they only give lip service to Bing”

Daniel Ruby – Chitika

5. Bing/ Yahoo traffic

Local Search Ad Revenues Looking Up

By now we all get that local anything online is important. That fact is understood very well by the Internet industry because we see it play out first hand in percentage of searches with local intent and the mainstreaming of smartphones that will accelerate this growth.

As with most things, it’s important to have some numbers to back up the observational ‘gut feel’ we get when it comes to trends. BIA/Kelsey has put some numbers to this phenomenon and for the foreseeable future, local search revenues will ride the wave of this growing popularity.

Of course, this is continued good news for Google since they will take the lion’s share of that revenue. Rather than gripe about the rich getting richer, though, it is better to think about the commerce that will be facilitated by that advertising on Google. Railing against Google’s dominance in the search space is a waste of time and effort.

Magazine Apps Have Readers Opting In and Coming Back

A new study by digital publisher YUDU, states that 40% of people who download a reader app register their personal information when given the option. It’s a surprisingly high number given all of the public outcry over privacy online and “do not track.”

Magazine apps had the highest opt-in rate at 41.48%,with brochure apps coming in just below that at 38.65% and catalog apps at 37.48%. YUDU thinks that the number of people opting-in to the sales apps is surprising in its own right. As a shopper, however, I see it the other way around. I’m happy to give a company my personal data if it’s going to help me buy a product I want, but why does a magazine need my address when it’s all digital?

8 Out of 10 Women Believe in Supporting a Cause

Cause marketing isn’t just for non-profits. Almost every high profile company has been involved in some kind of charity effort to the point where it can look more like a play to up profits and less like an honest attempt to do good.

If you’re involved in cause marketing, take a look at the results of this study by Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication.

The study is called Dynamics of Cause Engagement and it explores a wide range of areas including, in this case, the differences between the sexes.

More than four in ten Americans (45%) are actively involved with supporting causes, and women make up a significantly larger part of this group than men.

What Does Social Media Really Do? [Chartoon]

Some of the fun we have here at Marketing Pilgrim is getting people riled up about something in the Internet marketing universe.

Last month our own Cynthia Boris reported on data that was produced regarding web visits from social media. Of course, since we have all graduated from the “It’s Not the Content, It’s the Headline That Matters!” school of journalism the post was entitled “Under 1% of Web Visits Come From Social Media“. That was simply a statement from the findings but not necessarily our position. Not everyone saw it that way, ;-).

One of those folks was our Inbound Marketing Channel sponsor, HubSpot. They even took the time to get very creative about the mini-storm this headline generated and created this ‘chartoon’ (that’s a chart and a cartoon for you folks squinting right now). Take a look.

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Facebook Loosens Promotions Policies

Facebook has removed language from its promotions policy that prohibited promotions around age, residency, tobacco, gambling and dairy. While I don’t see how dairy is a threat to anyone other than the severely lactose intolerant it’s an interesting move.

It’s not like Facebook is ‘promoting these things. They are simply removing their original intention to police these things themselves and letting the various versions of the law in each state and country be the rule setter. In essence, Facebook is washing its hands of any implied wrong-doing or unethical giveaways on its platform and letting the outside world monitor it for them.

According to Inside Facebook

Facebook updated its promotions guidelines this week, and has now confirmed that it no longer blanket-prohibits promotions (including give-aways) for tobacco, dairy, gambling, firearms, prescription drugs, and gasoline.