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One common activity when a person or an organization is trying to do something important but aren’t quite sure how to get there is to try a little bit of everything to see what works.

Well, while the idea seems OK the reality is that trying too much at once can water down results of some otherwise strong options. It looks like the SMB market may be experiencing some of this as they try to acquire more customers via online channels.

eMarketer reports from a survey conducted by Bredin Business Information that SMB’s are increasing their efforts across the board to find that elusive customer

Now just because you are doing something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective. The results below are interesting and almost a little too startling in some cases. If you were to totally belief these findings it means that while everyone is running around touting the effectiveness of the online space, the SMB’s of the world are not seeing the hype match the reality. At least not from what is supposedly the most effective way to do this.

In all honesty, I am getting a little fed up with the constant barrage of numbers and studies that come out because they often seem to go against what many see as conventional wisdom. That’s not to say that conventional wisdom is always right. If we didn’t fight against bad conventional wisdom progress would never be made.

The trouble that the online space is running into is this desire to draw conclusions on very little experience and literally no long-term data to really see trends. That hasn’t stopped everyone and their brother from putting out studies though that are likely to further confuse the SMB’s of the world if they ever they saw the data (which is unlikely anyway so maybe this is all for naught).

It’s safe to say that the best advice for the SMBs is not to look for the silver bullet or magic pixie dust marketing solution. It simply doesn’t exist. What does exist is a wide array of tools that are available. Of course, just because you have a screwdriver available it doesn’t mean you should drive a nail with it, right?

So maybe the SMBs should ignore the studies and the experts and just do what seems to work for their business in their market and within their constraints. I wonder if that should be the new conventional wisdom?