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It appears Sony has bought a one-way ticket to reputation-implosionville, and seems happy to sit back and enjoy the ride.

After the embarrassing hacks of its Playstation Network, the electronics giant is once again facing a multitude of security breaches. This time, Sony appears to either not have an explanation or just figures it’s lost all credibility so may as well shut up.

…now that Sony’s apology cards have been played and the hacks and breaches continue, the company has resorted to its only remaining tactic: silence. The Japanese giant hasn’t responded publicly or answered my requests for comment on the five security incidents that have occurred in just the last week.

Oh yeah, silence. That’s always a great tactic for preserving your reputation…not! Ask Dell how sticking its head in the sand worked out for the company!

Sony may not have all the answers. It may feel embarrassed that it’s once again letting down its stakeholders. It may prefer to face the corporate seppuku sword than face its angry customers, but now is not the time to remain quiet.

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While Sony has already broken rule #3 of my Three Rules to Reputation Repair, thats doesn’t mean it should now break rules #1 and #2. Keeping quiet is not the best way to preserve your $27B market value. Sure, you’ve lost much of your credibility and, yes, it’s gonna take a George Harrison amount of “time” and “spending money” to “do it, to do it, to do it, right child” but that doesn’t mean it’s insurmountable.

BP and Toyota didn’t throw in the towel. Even Tiger Woods eventually spoke to the media. So Sony, you can keep apologizing, keep explaining your efforts, and, hope to someday achieve some consistent security, or I believe you may want to head over to eBay.

  • trblmkr

    The term is ‘harakiri’ not ‘harikiri’. Have google?

    • Have Google, just don’t have spellcheck for post titles. 🙁

  • Staying silent is like driving the nails into your own coffin. It may not be pleasant, but companies have to talk when faced with a bad situation like the one Sony is facing. Consumers need to know what is going on and what your company is doing about it.

  • Vicky

    Considering the sheer size of the company, Sony are acting like a bunch of kids with these incidents. Keeping silent is the dumbest move they can make and they will definitely lose tons and tons of clients. Speak to the media, explain the situation, hire good security, reinforce your system, hire online reputation services, use them and pray after 2 years this incident doesn’t pop up in searches and makes you lose more clients.

    In other words, Man Up, Sony!