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Starbucks has just announced that they’re teaming up with Lady Gaga. Yes, the woman who wore a dress made of raw meat to the VMA’s. The promotion will include exclusive videos and downloads through the Starbucks Digital Network and a Gaga scavenger hunt game across all of the store’s social networks.

Store appearances are not on the agenda, at least not until they can figure out how to create a dress out of coffee.

The announcement came shortly after Forbes listed Lady Gaga as the world’s most powerful celebrity, knocking Oprah down a peg. It was previously noted that the star would be teaming up with Farmville as well. So perhaps there’s a triple cross-over event in there somewhere.

From a branding standpoint, this match-up is a mixed bag. On the one hand, Gaga is the hottest, trendiest star on the planet right now, so having her image associated with your brand can only be a good thing. . . right?

For Starbucks, this is a shot at pulling in a younger crowd, because, remember when Starbucks was the trendy place to hang out? Back when using the word latte meant you were hip and so very continental?

On the other hand, Lady Gaga isn’t known for her decorum. Her “adult” shoes had to be censored on American Idol and her “Judas” video has created controversy of its own. But does it matter? Bad press, over exposure, it’s not going to hurt Starbucks’ sales, the question is, will it help?

Let’s all indulge in a little wishful thinking. If you could have any celebrity promote your product? Who would it be?