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As marketers it’s most important to know where your market spends their time. In the current environment marketers struggle with how to develop products and apps that address a wider variety of ways that people take in information from the Internet. The cost of making sure you reach all people can be prohibitive for many. The latest, and possibly biggest, disruptor as of late has been the tablet.

Nielsen has put together a study showing the impact of the tablet on what people use and when to access information. This study is of current tablet owners.

It’s little surprise that tablet users are using desktops and laptops less frequently. What is important to note is that less frequently doesn’t mean not at all. So the naysayers saying the tablet signals the swan song for laptops and desktops should reference that the desktop still exists today even though this tired old computing platform has been left for dead for years.

The following findings of why someone uses a tablet over their PC or laptop tell the story of convenience and portability winning the day.

Many have found the real limitations of the tablet platform already so what’s your take as a marketer? How quickly will you determine what the dominant platform is for your users? Can you choose one over the other or do you need to be all things to all people at least for now?

  • Cynthia Boris

    I was reading an article in the Huffington Post (I think) yesterday about how tablets are already causing the demise of ereaders. Insane. I remember that I was so thrilled with my Kindle, then a few weeks later I saw the color Nook and the iPad and they made my Kindle look like a cassette player compared to an iPod.

    Ah technology. I need a tablet.