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See the girl in that picture there. She’s happy because she’s getting deals so early in the morning, she’s still in her pajamas! Of course, it could be that she’s unemployed and has no reason to get dressed. And she has no furniture, so she has to use her laptop on the floor. . . .

But no. She’s happy. She’s happy because that old, stodgy bastion of advertising, The Yellow Pages, is now new and hip. The Yellow Pages is now a deal site. Yes. It’s true-ish.

It’s actually, which is owned by AT&T, and honestly, I have no idea if it’s related to those paperweights that get dropped on your doorstep when you’re not looking. But like I said yesterday, it’s not what’s true, it’s what people believe and people will association with the Yellow Pages books and that’s good and bad.

It’s good, because The Yellow Pages does have a reputation for being the place find local service providers. It’s bad, because it’s very old school and so they’re going to have to fight to find their place among Groupon, LivingSocial, Moola and the rest.

To get the ball rolling, is offering a $10.00 credit for anyone who signs up now. The actual site hasn’t launched yet, but according to Bloomberg, Los Angeles, Dallas and Atlanta will be online by next month.

In order to combat the stodgy reputation, they’ve included lots of fun language in their start-up pages including the notion of “thriftful splendor in your email box” and ‘We strive to keep the deals easy, breezy and uncomplicated.”

I say, more power to them. Now that I’ve begun to know the joy of daily deal sites, I’ve learned one very important lesson — great deals trump loyalty every time. It doesn’t matter how popular Groupon is, once a deal goes viral, it’s any site’s game to win.

Have you succumbed to the power of the daily deal?

  • dean

    What this tells me more than anything is how easy it is to enter the daily discount arena and how Groupon will rue the day it turned down $6B

  • We at feel that jump on the deal bandwagon is a great marketing device for their clients, and that yellowpages on line is the way to go.