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If you’re looking to expand your Twitter universe, you’ve found the right post. While opinions will vary on any list of this sort, I’ve picked out and reviewed my choices for the top 25 online marketers you should be following on Twitter. They are not presented in any particular order so as to prevent any in-fighting with those listed :-).

I tried to dig in and give you a little more depth provided in most of these kinds of lists and I suspect these folks would love for you to follow them if you are not already.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to add your own favorite online marketers to follow in the comments!


Lisa Barone, co-founder, Branding Officer, and blogger at Outspoken Media, she maintains a highly informative Twitter feed where she addresses issues both important and not important. Talented and outspoken, she tweets about social media, SEO, and women’s issues alongside Twitpics of the tacos she had for lunch. A quick search of her name at brings up the wide range of topics that she covers in her blog posts, which are a fantastic resource for anyone involved with Internet marketing.


Jill Whalen
Jill Whalen, the CEO of High Rankings, a Boston-area professional SEO Consulting firm, has an engaging Twitter feed where she makes the most of interacting with other Twitter users. Jill has been a pioneer in SEO since the 1990s and is a staple at conferences like SES. With enough quips to make her feed personal and interesting, she maintains a mostly serious and professional Twitter persona.


Todd Malicoat
Todd Malicoat has been lauded by such Internet Marketing heavy weights as Rand Fishkin and Avinash Kaushik as a great talent in the industry. Todd posts the kind of Tweets that makes you feel good you use Twitter. He engages with other users, links to great content, is entertaining and even plans happy hour meetups. Todd is an SEO teacher with Market Motive and runs his own blog covering the ins and outs of Internet Marketing, SEO, and social media.


Rae Hoffman-Dolan, self described “entrepreneur, white-collar redneck, proud born and raised jersey girl” may cuss like a sailor, but her Tweets are definitely entertaining and informative. When she is not lovingly telling her tweeples off, she points to some really valuable resources and articles about Internet marketing.


Michael Gray
Michael Gray is a well-experienced SEO and web development expert, spanning nearly 13 years. Much of his Twitter feed is dedicated to interacting with his followers and good-naturedly taunting other online marketers (like @sugarrae). Web contractions (“srsly 4 rlz ZOMG”…ugh) notwithstanding, he updates his twitter feed regularly with informative posts and good advice.


Dan Zarella
“The original social media scientist” ,Dan Zarrella, certainly makes a good case for his title. His Twitter feed is full of links to great articles to keep his followers up to date on the bleeding edge of online marketing. He does a fair amount of engaging with his followers without tweeting too much and clogging up your feed. Dan’s Twitter feed is continually updated with well-written, concise tweets that will add a lot to your knowledge of what’s going on in the social media world.


Matt Cutts
I originally started following Matt Cutts on Twitter hoping he would get drunk and post the end-all-be-all tip for ranking number one organically. While that hasn’t happened, Matt does post very analytical and informative Tweets about what’s going on with his web spam team and Google in general. Matt also likes to post links to his his question-and-answer videos. The videos are usually really well done and if you follow Matt on Twitter you’ll be more likely to watch them when they’re released.


Geno Prussakov
Geno Prussakov’s Twitter feed is like a compendium of pertinent articles from the web on social media and affiliate marketing. He tweets links to his Affiliate Marketing blog every time there’s a new post, and he links to several 3rd party online marketing articles every day. Geno is a staple in affiliate advertising and worth a quick follow.


Chris Pearson
Chris Pearson gained all the notoriety he needs by creating WordPress’s much-touted Thesis Theme, a powerful, easy-to-implement theme that is streamlined for SEO. He makes the most from his Twitter community by providing a wealth of updates and information while taking the time to interact with his followers. The same charisma which lands Chris speaking gigs, panel spots, and interviews makes his feed an informative and entertaining resource for anyone involved in web development and SEO.


Brian Massey
Brian Massey runs the, where he helps people convert web traffic into leads and sales. Brian’s tweets are yet another great resource Brian provides to help you hone your skills at turning Facebook likes and web traffic into revenue. Keeping it light and interesting, Brian engages his followers through informative and entertaining tweets.


Missy Ward
Missy Ward, an “online marketing Swiss Army Knife” and budding oenologist, runs the kind of Twitter feed for which Twitter was invented: informative, communicative, a dash of personal information, even lightly philosophical. She much like her blog, Missy tweets about “affiliate marketing, social media, and other stuff [she] digs”.


Brett Tabke
Brett Tabke is the founder of PubCon and Webmaster World, both long-standing staples in online marketing. His Twitter byline says “Celebrating 27 years of Social Media!” which, in contrast to other, older industries, is like saying you were around for Creation. He is an experienced hand at this, an online marketing legend in fact, and he shares all kinds of valuable news and tips interspersed with shoutouts to his favorite burger joint. Make sure to follow Brett if you plan on attending PubCon!


Shawn Collins
Shawn Collins is a cofounder of Affiliate Summit, a popular industry conference for affiliate marketing that is attended by the best and brightest in the industry. Shawn tweets a wide variety of 3rd party articles, videos and links to his own blog posts. He’s very engaged with people following him on Twitter and someone you should be following if you plan on attending Affiliate Summit!


Rhea Drysdale
Rhea Drysdale is a cofounder, with @LisaBarone, of, which provides their lucky clients with a wide range of expert Internet Marketing Services. Her Twitter feed is a mix of fantastic information and humorous Internet memes that make social media such a compelling medium (her profile pic is her face on She-Ra…enough said). She links to great content and industry events and is a must-follow for anyone serious about marketing online.


Greg Boser
Greg Boser is the SVP of Search Services at is what happened when four leading consultancies and software companies joined forces in 2001. These formerly independent companies work together now to fulfill the Internet marketing needs of their clients. Greg’s Twitter feed is updated regularly and he often interacts with his followers. It is just the right mix of pertinent web marketing information and casual what-I-had-for-lunch tweets into his feed to make him appear like The Guy Next Door who just happens to be an Internet expert.


Rand Fishkin
Straight out of Seattle, Rand Fishkin, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Rand is a very talented marketer with enough legend behind his name to capture +30k followers. Rand lives up to his reputation with his amazing tweets of insightful information about startups, SEO, and social media. Rand is good about interacting with his legion followers and tweets links to some really great articles.


Dave Naylor
Dave Naylor ( is the head of Search Marketing at is a leading search marketing and web developing agency in the UK. His Twitter feed is an insightful look into SEO and covers quite a variety of subjects. Round out your followers with a little British SEO flair with Dave Naylor.


Danny Sullivan
Danny is the founder of a whole host of popular search and online marketing properties including and the popular SMX conference. Danny’s tweets cover commentary about Google, SEO, PPC, and all other aspects of search engines and search marketing. Danny is pretty good at keeping up with interacting with his more than 135,000 followers on Twitter. His tweets are relevant and catchy and definitely worth reading.


Vanessa Fox
Author of the book “Marketing in the age of Google”, Vanessa Fox is a Seattle resident fascinated by online marketing. Her feed is personable, but refreshingly useful, as well. She answers questions , tweets, retweets, shares good stories, and seems to have a subtle sense of humor in it all as well.


Barry Schwartz
Barry Schwartz is the owner of—a website that offers all kinds of compter-ish internet-ish services, from web design to SEO Marketing to web hosting.
Barry’s Twitter could use a little more interaction with fellow Twitter users, but his feed is good for videos, news, and other fun links.


Jeremy Schoemaker
Jeremy Schoemaker is @shoemoney. He’s a self-described author, blogger, and managing partner of is his blog and he has over 30,000 readers for a reason: he and his business partner, David Dellanave, launched AuctionAds—an eBay affiliate marketing service that won them several awards and, in the end, the sale of most of the company. His blog documents his “ups and downs in the world of online marketing”. He’s made millions and likes to give advice. His Twitter feed is comprised mostly of funny little Tweets, retweets, and direct communications with his followers. But be warned, his Twitter feed is iced with sporadic (hilarious) smack-talking, too.


Tamar is a well known social media consultant and trainer whose tweets are full of interesting links to great articles on online marketing. Tamar is well engaged with other Twitter users and has a good dash of personal tweets.


Rob Snell
Rob Snell was one of my favorite speakers at PubCon Austin and a great SEO mind. Rob is super engaged with other Twitter users even to the point where you think his @ key is stuck. Weaved within this maze of @ tweets are some good gems with links to SEO articles Rob has written or found laying around the Internet.


Aaron Wall
Aaron Wall is the author of the ever famous SEO Book. Aaron posts links to a ton of good articles both associated with and other online marketing information resources. Aaron is very engaged with other Twitter users.


Andy Beal
Andy Beal’s ukulele playing and Taekwondo practicing (a black belt!) make him the kind of want to have the guy as a friend (and not just because he’s the founder of Marketing Pilgrim!). Andy is CEO of, author of Radically Transparent and a reputation management expert. His Twitter feed is filled with a good dose of retweets as well as direct communication with his followers. He tweets interesting links to online marketing articles and has a healthy level of tweets dedicated to travel.

Again, if you have your own favorite online marketer to follow on Twitter please post their Twitter ID in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed the list and I look forward to seeing you on Twitter! @David_Vogelpohl

Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily those of Marketing Pilgrim.

  • Don Rhoades

    Great list, but a couple of additions I would make are : Ian Lurie of Portent Interactive, Wil Reynolds of SEER Interactive and Rishi Lakhani BKA @rishil.

  • Levi

    Pretty good list. A day doesn’t go by when someone from that list sends something out that I read. Here are a few more I think should be on the list:


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