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We reported a few weeks ago that there were rumblings about Twitter purchasing third party Twitter platform provider TweetDeck. Well those rumblings are now ‘confirmed’ as a deal and it could mean some changes for other third party Twitter platforms out there like Seesmic, HootSuite and Ubermedia.

TechCrunch reports

Twitter has acquired TweetDeck, we’ve heard from a source with knowledge of the deal, and the transaction will be announced in the next few days. The $40 million – $50 million purchase price includes both cash and Twitter stock, says our source.

In February we reported that an acquisition of TweetDeck by Bill Gross’ UberMedia was all but done, in the $25 – $30 million range. And that deal was in fact all but done. But Twitter quickly provided an unsolicited counter offer, and TweetDeck was in play again. TechCrunch EU has the full story on how that played out.

Couple this move with the general announcement by Twitter that told developers to consider other options for making money via Twitter other than these platforms and you can see that Twitter is starting to bring everything ‘in-house’. It may be necessary for them to do that in order to fully capitalize on the business opportunity they have. Also, investors are likely getting anxious to see if Twitter can generate the kind of revenue they thought it could.

Of course, having to watch Facebook fire up its money printing operation every day makes it even more difficult to sit and watch Twitter play the long slow road to revenue. One has to suspect that the heat is being turned up for Twitter to go from a great way to learn about news to a great way to make a ton of cash.

As for the UberMedia threat that many feel are the beginnings of a Twitter competitor, this may have stopped one part of their strategy but it’s not likely that they will go away. The longer that Twitter drags its feet on a revenue generating path the greater the chance of someone else coming in and offering another option.

Just think back as to how it seemed like MySpace was the king of the social media hill until Facebook built a better mousetrap. Could the same happen to Twitter as they make the mistakes that another could turn into the next generation of microblogging?

What do you think?

  • Well, I’m sure there’s something Seesmic and UberMedia can do about it. Twitter buying TweetDeck means we have to use TweetDeck no matter what?