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Some of the fun we have here at Marketing Pilgrim is getting people riled up about something in the Internet marketing universe.

Last month our own Cynthia Boris reported on data that was produced regarding web visits from social media. Of course, since we have all graduated from the “It’s Not the Content, It’s the Headline That Matters!” school of journalism the post was entitled “Under 1% of Web Visits Come From Social Media“. That was simply a statement from the findings but not necessarily our position. Not everyone saw it that way, ;-).

One of those folks was our Inbound Marketing Channel sponsor, HubSpot. They even took the time to get very creative about the mini-storm this headline generated and created this ‘chartoon’ (that’s a chart and a cartoon for you folks squinting right now). Take a look.

We love creating a little controversy and fortunately our industry provides plenty of fodder for that. What’s your opinion about social media? Is the traffic useful to your business? How are you measuring the impact on your business? Let us know.

  • Cynthia Boris

    Which just goes to show you that data can be turned to show pretty much anything you want, right? Yesterday I was looking at a report shouting about how a whopping 20% of people liked something! Wait, does that mean the other 80% hated it? Were indifferent? Didn’t respond?

    And hey, if 1% of people came to you through social media, that’s still 1% you didn’t have before. . . right?

  • Hi Frank,

    Great analysis, your analysis shows social media have higher conversion rate for visits to leads as compare to search engine searches and referring sites. Does it means that the visitors coming from social media gives better business?

    Thanks for sharing information

  • I agree with Cynthis data can prove anything we want it to. Social media is still growing and may not drive as much traffic yet but it is still growing as email and others are declining.