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Real-Time Relevance Through Science! That’s Yahoo’s pitch for the Smart Ads which use highly technical, scientificicated algorithms to determine which ad to show to which web visitor.

Now, they’ve taken that technology to the next level with their new Smart Ads for Video! (Insert animated twinkling starburst here.) The program, which is powered by Mixpo, allows an advertiser to serve up tightly-targeted, 15-second snippets of in-banner video.

Here’s Yahoo’s “for instance”:

If you’re advertising a movie, you could show males in Boston one clip of your movie with showtimes for that location, and females in Seattle an entirely different clip. Other elements within the ad, such as graphics, can be personalized as well.

That’s cooler than all those light-weight, yet durable fibers Monsanto created in their labs back in the 60’s. Just imagine the possibilities. Actually, imagining all the possibilities is kind of overwhelming but Yahoo has a demo tool that shows you the power of a simple change.

In the demo, the ad has been configured for the young mom. She’s looking to save money on healthy foods for her child. Switch to the Financial Savvy and the main photo changes to an office. Click to switch from cereal to the granola bar. The rest of the ad stays the same, same message same logo, but now you have an ad for the “grab and go” crowd.

Adding this kind of flexibility to a video ad is exciting, not just from a marketing standpoint but as a consumer.  If your ad can show me how your product fits into my world, that really is better living through internet chemistry.