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A new survey by Kantar Media’s Compete shows that one quarter of consumers visits the official Facebook page of a retailer or product at least once a month. Why? I bet you already know the answer. 56% of them said they did it to keep up on sales and promotions.

In addition to stopping by Facebook, 20% of consumers said that what they saw there influenced their decision to make a purchase.

Debra Arbesman, Compete senior associate, retail and consumer products says,

“Savvy retailers are now making Facebook pages part of an integrated online shopping experience, and we expect this model will take the industry by storm in the coming months.”

As an example, Compete points to iTunes, saying they had more traffic at their Facebook page in February than they did at the iTunes domain. Looking at the two sites, I’d say you’re comparing Apples to under ripe Apples. The Facebook page is much more informative and helpful than the website, which comes off as nothing but a giant ad. Given that, it’s no wonder their Facebook page gets more traffic.

Still, nearly half the people who responded to the study said they follow five or more retailers or brands on Facebook.

Let’s recap. According to this survey, a lot of Facebook users are each following at least a handful of brands, mostly with the hope of getting deals on products they like.

I never said Compete’s “Online Shopper Intelligence Study” was groundbreaking, but it’s always nice to know that we’re maintaining the status quo in the world of social media marketing.