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3GTV Launches First ‘Smart’ Grocery Store

TV commercials are great for reinforcing a brand preference, but what happens when the TV is off and the consumer heads to the store? If you look at a grocery list, it’s more likely that you’ll see “soda” instead of “Coke” or “coffee” instead of “Tully’s.”

3GTV has a solution and they call it the “Smart” grocery store. The test program, which launches today, involves 9 Bloom grocery stores in the Washington D.C. area. Here shoppers will be shown brand messaging as they shop through the use of digital, shelf-edge displays. The program also is interactive and has the ability to track and measure shopper activity.

PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, and Nestle Purina have all signed on to be a part of the pilot program which could be the next big thing in in-store marketing.

Imagine an interactive tool next to the Macaroni and Cheese that suggests add-ins to perk up the dish. “Pick up a bottle of Pace salsa on aisle two, then mix it into completed Mac and Cheese for a spicy, Mexican twist!” Now it’s not about remembering a product you saw last night during Glee. Now it’s about remembering a product as you walk to the next aisle.

Even if shoppers don’t stop and watch, there’s benefit in even a few seconds of audio as they walk down an aisle. Remember, we’re highly suggestible creatures, so the brand that offers an easy out for dinner at 5:00 on a Wednesday night, is the one that will get the business.

In-store advertising with the 3GTV program has unlimited potential as long as it comes with a price tag all parties can afford. Imagine what you could do with a combination of that and a cell phone. Watch a video in the baking aisle, then punch in your cell phone number and get an instant e-coupon for cents off a cake mix.

I enjoy grocery shopping and I’d be happy to stop, watch and interact with an in-store digital display, as long as I do it before I hit the frozen food aisle, so I don’t end up with Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia soup in my cart!

  • dollieaustin

    Whatever the reason these printable coupons or “Printapon” exist and it is valid to use them, although it can skew the marketing research for which they were intended.