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Ever wonder what it takes to put together a successful link bait campaign? If you have any experience you probably can tell everyone a few things about unsuccessful ones.

Truth is, linkbait campaigns aren’t easy mainly because the order of the day is to wing it and see what happens. That is usually the most expeditious way to get the campaign done but that doesn’t ensure success. In fact, it keeps the possibility of success of the campaign quite low.

Check out this infographic from our Infographics Channel sponsor Voltier Creative. It’s just 5 straightforward steps. You can do that, right? Happy linkbaiting and be sure to check out Voltier’s capabilities for your infographics needs.


Voltier Creative

  • A lot of companies fail at content promotion. Sure, great content will develop links overtime, but even exceptional content could use a push out of the gate. You have to use your own platforms to get the ball rolling.

  • Nick – great point. I come across a lot of people who just assume that if they have good content the rest will follow, a sort of “If you build it, they will come” mentality. Not many understand how important it is to build channels to that content.

  • One more important aspect – to know the measure when practice acceptable for the target audience may become just a spam. For many, especially beginners, it is one of the most difficult points to master. Another problem is that the criteria of acceptability are continuously changing and you should keep your eyes open.