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This August, Facebook is going to make a change that will force all brand pages to allow user comments on their Facebook wall. While this move is concerning some, it’s actually a good thing when it comes to engagement.

A recent study by digital think tank L2, shows that companies who do allow fan posting had a considerably higher Facebook IQ score than those who didn’t. What’s FB IQ? It’s a nifty little number L2 whipped up to measure the effectiveness of Facebook brand pages. It takes in to account, not only the number of fans, but the number of comments, growth rate, posting frequency, content variety, search engine visibility and more.

A score of 140 and up is a Facebook genius. When measuring luxury brands, L2 found 12 brands that qualified including BMW (who got the highest score of all), Clinique, Audi and Lexus.  Scores that fell under 90 are labeled as “challenged” and they include Christian Dior, Chivas Regal and Movado. Rolls Royce, Prada and Rolex were among the sad few who came in even lower with a “Feeble” rating.

Let’s learn from the mistakes. The bottom brands got dinged for spam-filled pages, old, tired content, and ignoring their fans.

As we’ve seen before, L2 also found a negative correlation between the number of fans and fan engagement. Burberry, Gucci and Chanel all have more than 3 million fans but ranked near the bottom for engagement.

Raising Your Facebook IQ

It is surprising to note that product posts had more interaction than contests and promotions. Perhaps this is because we’re talking luxury brands here. If it was Kraft, I imagine a post promising a free mac and cheese sample would get more hits than one talking about a new mac and cheese flavor.

Brands that had global and regional Facebook pages had more interaction overall, and promoting your Facebook page across other platforms is a must.

Finally, the L2 report looked at F-Commerce and found that it was non-existent with the top 100 luxury brands. They predict that the brands will soon be moving in this direction and that it will be a major push in the coming year.

Want to learn more? Download the free L2: Prestige 100 Facebook IQ Report when you click here.

  • Michelle MacPhearson

    Heya Cynthia – you wrote that come August, Fan Pages will have to accept user coments. I’ve been looking around for some more info on this and can’t find anything. Can you point me to your source? Thx!

  • xavier

    yes, sources would be great 🙂 Thank you