Posted June 2, 2011 2:30 pm by with 1 comment

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It was inevitable really, Amazon, who pioneered many of the currents trends in online retailing is now a follower. Introducing AmazonLocal! Likely coming soon to a city near you, but right now, only from Boise.

Now, I’ve got nothing against the folks of, what I’m sure, is a lovely city in Idaho, but really? According to TNW, Amazon chose the city because they liked their sense of whimsy, as demonstrated by BSU’s blue football field. Got me on that one, but everything has to start somewhere so why not Boise.

When I went to check out the service, it already knew my name, which always creeps me out. Obviously it pulled my name from my Amazon login, but it still wanted to know where I lived. As I moved through the process, I had this strange feeling of deja vu. TNW says that’s because Amazon isn’t sourcing their own deals (yet), they’re getting them from partnerships with other sites such as LivingSocial.

That being said, why buy through AmazonLocal instead of another daily deal site? Ease of use. Since I’m already an Amazon customer, all I had to do was click buy, choose from my already entered credit cards and submit. It’s so easy that I almost bought 50% off Ice Cream at Goody’s in Boise by accident.

If Amazon will allow you to buy with credit from an Amazon gift card, that would be the kicker. It appears this might be true, but since I don’t have any credit in at the moment, I couldn’t say for sure.

What do you think of AmazonLocal? With the recognizable name and the ease of use, I think it’s going to be a hit.

  • Sounds like a hit to me. With so many different options people, including myself, like having one option instead of so many. One I am already familiar with is even better!