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The Microsoft Mobile Advertising Consumer & Insight Study is a new series of reports that compares mobile ad insights and responses across three different countries, US, UK and France.

The study notes that people in all three countries spend around 10 hours a week using their mobile phones for something other than calling or texting. They then looked at pre-purchase behavior and here’s what they got:

After reviewing the information, 40% of those in France used their mobile phone to purchase an item, as did 39% of US users and 34% in the UK.

After purchase, the US was slightly ahead in using their mobile phone to check order status and to share product info with others. France came in lowest on the sharing poll, so apparently they like to shop but prefer to keep their treasures to themselves.

Cross Media Consumption

The biggest discrepancy between the three countries came in the area of cross media consumption. In the US, 4 in 10 consumers used their phones to look for more information after seeing an ad on TV, while only 2 in 10 did so in the UK and France. Similarly, 57% of US users went to their PC for more information upon seeing a mobile ad, France came in at 46% but only 24% of UK users went from mobile to PC.

Though it varies some by industry, the report found that the percentage of people who visited an offline store after seeing an online ad was pretty high. Apparel did especially well with 72% to 83%. Banking got the lowest numbers ranging from 51% to 67%. Oddly, ad recall had the opposite results with banking getting higher scores than apparel. Apparently bankers have commercials we remember even if we’re not interested in paying them a visit.

Overall, the report showed very encouraging numbers for mobile advertising across all three countries. If this is your area, I suggest you visit Microsoft Advertising where you can download a summary report or an in-depth report on each of the three countries.

Are you marketing outside of your home country? We’d be interested in hearing about your experience.

  • It really seems like mobile advertising is finally becoming an accepted mainstream thing, which is great. I remember trying to promote offers on mobile platforms when they were first opening to the public and the reception was miserable at best. Now, there’s more companies offering mobile advertising inventory than I can keep track of, and a lot of people I know make a good deal of money promoting through those channels. It makes sense, considering the fact that most people have a smartphone in their hand 22 hours a day.

  • Nick Martin

    I’m an Online Community Manager for Microsoft Tag. We recently published an infographic that does a good job of showing how user user behavior is changing. Very interesting stats on mobile phone usage for ecommerce and product comparisons among other things. It’s a very similar story to what’s being surfaced with this research as well.

    Here’s the link if you’re interested: