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It’s time for the Millennial Media MobileMix for May. Say that three times fast.

This month, they added connected devices to the mix and found out that 70% of all impressions are coming from portable video gaming devices and MP3 players. Tablets got 29% of the pie, items such as ebook readers and connected TVs ate up the rest.

Music also helped push “Entertainment & Music” into the number one spot on the chart for Top 10 Mobile Application Categories. That category showed growth of 14%. Games came in second, followed by Mocial, Communications and our old friend Weather. Travel moved up 33% thanks to folks planning their summer vacations.

Apple is responsible for 45% of the applications in the atmosphere, but Android is running a close second with 43%.

Overall, connected device impressions are on the rise. iPad is up 29%, Windows Phone 7 is up 92% month-over-month, but incredibly, connected devices got a 190% bump over last year. This proves that no man is a wireless island.

You must download this month’s MobileMix because Godzilla is on the cover. How cool is that? Click here, it’s free for the cost of your contact info.