Posted June 21, 2011 1:39 pm by with 4 comments

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If you need more proof that Facebook is growing faster than Steve McQueen’s The Blob, here it is. eMarketer is reporting that Facebook has moved into third place for total ad sales, passing Microsoft and is closing the gap on Yahoo.

Google is still number one and way out of reach thanks mostly to search, but you have to wonder if someone won’t be able to push past them. . . someday?

What’s truly discouraging about these numbers is the fact that now 67.7% of all ad dollars are being split between the top five companies. That’s up from 63% only two years ago. With AOL and Yahoo trending downward and Microsoft barely hanging on, it’s possible that this could be a three-horse race in the near future, or even worse, a battle between Facebook and Google alone. To keep the monster metaphor alive, that’s like Godzilla vs. Rodan and it’s the little people who will suffer.

I say its time for all the small ad sellers to ban together to form an alliance! Facebook and Google need to be challenged! Who’s with me? No one? Fine. But here’s what else I wonder, do you think Twitter will ever worm its way on to this top five list? If they triple their ad sales in the next few years as predicted, it could happen.

  • not too long people wrote about Facebook not being a real threat to Google ADWORDS and PPC campaigns. now it is obvious that Facebook is one of the largest threats on Google ! IT IS WAR!

  • This doesnt suprise me, facebook influence is growing all the time. I also think google will take more and more notice of the social media graph in the future too.

    • Cynthia Boris

      I think Google is working hard to get into the social media biz but so far their efforts have failed them. I’m not sure if it’s possible at this point to change the world’s view of Google as just a search engine.

  • i hope facebook will become the first ad selling company,because google has its monopoly…