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As display ads continue to make their comeback and grow in popularity, Facebook appears to be the leader in the segment according to eMarketer.

Facebook will grow its net US display revenues this year by another 80.9% to $2.19 billion, eMarketer estimates. This will push it past Yahoo! to become the No. 1 display ad-selling company in the country.

The chart below examines how the other large players in the segment fare against Facebook.

Of course, the most likely challenger in all of this is Google. Of note, this is also one area where Apple isn’t part of the conversation so it’s money that will go to Apple’s competitors to fuel their battles against the leader on the device side of the coin.

If eMarketer is correct on their predictions the lead will continue to be held by Facebook for the near term while Yahoo looks to continue to lose ground, especially to Google.

In the end it, honestly, it looks like anything of any scale as it relates to the online world will simply belong to Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple. The latter two might not be display giants but they will be giants nonetheless.

All that means is that there will be little variety for marketers unless they want to find the real niche plays. Less variety usually is not the best thing for markets and it appears that online, at least, marketers will need to bow at the altar of one of these monster players and be at their mercy.

I’m not sure that’s a good thing. What do you say?