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Aren’t pandas supposed to be cuddly and cute? My youngest daughter has a stuffed one and she looks so cute holding it and hugging it.

Well, in the world of SEO the panda are mean and angry and it likes to feast on what comes from content farms (which means their diet is pretty terrible).

According to Barry Schwartz over at Search Engine Land the latest version of Google’s Panda update is in the wild so SEO’s can tighten their seat belts to see if this ride is as scary as the other Panda versions.

Google has given us confirmation that they have ran an update to the Panda filter recently.

We have been expecting the Panda 2.2 update based on news coming out of the SMX Advanced conference. Matt Cutts told SMX attendees that Panda 2.2 has been approved, hasn’t been rolled out yet, but that should happen soon.

The update hit sometime late last week. I believe Google manually pushed out the Panda 2.2 update around June 16th.

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As with any update regarding Google the initial news is more of a warning than anything else. The real fun comes when the rankings get shaken up like a snow globe and the whining begins.

The theory is, of course, that if you are following the rules you should have nothing to worry about and should welcome these happenings. Based on the collateral damage of the recent updates, though, no one should feel safe.

Fear the panda.

  • It will be interesting to see who gets affected by the Panda update. Will the spammy sites that escaped round one finally be penalized? Or are the forums going to be filled with webmasters that claim they were once again unfairly affected?

  • While I’m looking forward to Panda cleaning up the spam house, I’m not looking forward to the whining that will ultimately occur by gray or black hat SEO consultants and their unsuspecting clients.

    The multiple Panda updates have allowed Google to take their “Don’t Be Evil” request even further then they have in the past. Since I consider myself to be a white hat SEO, I say whoohoo and keep the pandas coming!

  • I wonder if Panda is only released in USA or internationally…. I heard is only in USA

    • No it’s not only in the USA. I dont know about other languages, but Arabic got hit by Google Panda for the first time with this release (2.2)

  • George Arnold

    Panda is a good thing for the internet. Hopefully it will get rid of a lot of the low quality content farms. I see many of them have already taken a hit.

  • I’m fairly certain that Google has released this new update, as in the past days, we’ve seen a return in the rankings for our site, after getting smacked down a few months back. Of course, ultimately, I hope this release helps us climb the rankings while at the same time eliminating much of the spammy crap in the serps.

    • Me

      Wow, your spammy and MFA blog moved up?

  • Alex

    Google is killer and Panda 2.2 is a pawn

  • Geez, with the release of Google’s Panda algorithm, many online business has been affected. Can you help me think of a way on how to prevent being axed by Google?

  • In our country (Philippines) panda update even the old panda update was not yet applied. So content farms are still reigning supreme domain…

  • MikeG

    Yup – Panda hit, traffic down .. again. So much for a 10 year old, journalist written web site. Never believe the “write for users not SEs” rubblish. No, we don’t copy anyone elses content, yes I spend 6 figures a year on journalists writing breaking news for a vertical B2B sector. Grrrrr

  • nice info 🙂

  • I am really very excited lets see how it affects my website

  • These updates take no prisoners. I’ve seen both MFA sites hit and several very large and reputable content sites being kicked right out of the top listings. But then again, these huge shifts usually only tend to make a difference for a few months before things right themselves.

  • i hope this panda effect 2 will definately help the real bloggers.

  • Quality raters are not new to the SEO community. we see clearly that the questions that evey site should ask himself as a part of the panda update is no different from the original quality raters document which got leaked to the web over a year ago.

    the way we understand it this means that the quality raters department is expanding and we are going to see much more human interactions from google side with the search results.

    the true question still stands, will this improve the results or will it cause peoples trust in the search engine credibility to drop ?

  • Does it seem that Panda is eating up the shopping carts the most?

  • At this point, there is no longer any wonder of whether or not damage has occurred. I know that my sites have been negatively affected by Panda, even though I follow all the rules. Any idea why?