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Hey, we’re all busy these days right? Well, your best pal Google wants to help you remember things about your busy life especially if you did those things with Google along side of you.

The new My Places feature will help Google users keep track of all of those important places you have been in case you somehow forget what you like. This feature is less likely to serve the true ‘local’ who has a nice idea of what they like in their town but travelers could benefit from having an aggregate list of places they liked in different places they visit regularly.

Here is a screenshot from the Google Lat Long blog

Google is showing obvious concern for your ability not to get confused by your busy life.

But keeping track of all the locations you care about and memorizing which places you starred or rated isn’t easy. So today, we’re unveiling the new My Places tab on Google Maps, which helps you quickly view and interact with your saved maps, starred locations, and rated businesses.

Thanks Goog!

This move is also another subtle attempt to move Google users toward focusing on Place Pages as the crux of their local experience. Part of the evidence of the strategy is this explanation of how My Places is essentially replacing My Maps.

The My Places tab replaces the My Maps tab in the Google Maps toolbar. Items are organized by date with your most recent activity at the top, and filters make it easy to sort and view only your maps, starred locations or rated places. And of course, you can still create and share personalized My Maps through the “Create new map” link.

If nothing else it is fascinating to watch Google transform all of its disparate offerings on the fly. In much the same way that they have created and rolled out their products outside of the hard core search cash cow (which is to throw as much up against the wall without any real promotion and see what kind of sticks), Google is shifting the emphasis of their offerings almost on the DL. It’s as if they created a piece of art that is on display to those “in the know” then they add or subtract to it overnight so when the admirer sees it again they will say “Hey, I never noticed that before!”

To be fair, the online space at Google’s scale is a place where very few companies are playing right now so there are no established models for success. They are being worked out every day right before our very eyes. Look at how Facebook operates. The biggest influence Mark Zuckerberg has in Harvard these days are the myriad case studies being created as Facebook jams itself into every space of everyone’s life on the fly regardless of what people like or want.

Well, have fun with the My Places feature by Google. Maybe you shouldn’t get too attached to it though since there may be something just around the corner that will make it ‘change’ overnight.

  • You know in Bible times, people memorized the entire Old Testament. I don’t think it really serves us to have other things do all of our remembering for us. Could this be one of the reasons for increased of mind faculties as we get older. :O)

  • Google is doing everything they can to become a social network in their own right. The redesign of Google Profiles, the +1 button and now the My Places tab are all Google’s attempts to take on Facebook at its own game. So far many of Google’s attempts have been less than stellar, but it is fascinating to watch them try.

  • @Frank yep, blink and POOF everything changes.

    I made the discovery about the new Places City directories on Monday 2 days prior to Google’s announcement. When I blogged it I was like, is this a discovery, or a test, or was I asleep and missed the announcement? Just was not sure of what I was seeing. VERY much like your art work analogy!

    Yes Nick I agree. I do like the fact though that instead of having all of these disjointed products with different names like Hotpot and MyMaps, they are at least trying to consolidate everything into “Places.”

  • Thanks for your responses! Google and local and mobile and whatever is just interesting to watch. I have given up on figuring it out but watching it is almost like theater at times. Geek theater, not Greek theater. 🙂

  • Cynthia Boris

    Ah! The Cable Car Museum! I knew I went someplace cool last week. I totally forgot.

    • Hadn’t thought about this but with folks losing their memories when getting older maybe this could serve as the new ‘bread crumbs’ so we can remember and eventually get back home. Crap, I forgot what else I had to say ……….

  • There seems to be no set methodology for places here in Australia. Seems they like testing on us Aussies for a rollback to the U.S

    • Sounds sinister! I hope no one has been hurt in the testing process! 🙂

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