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I sense that something has truly shifted at Google during the Page-ian Era. It’s not some kind of 180-degree about-face but rather something more subtle but yet very real.

The latest evidence of this change is a ‘product’ called “What Do You Love?” The address is When you get there you are greeted with the classic Google simplicity.

Now, type in whatever it is you are interested in get something a little surprising. MG Siegler of TechCrunch described it as follows:

The new service, which Google apparently did launch this morning, is called What do you love? (hence, While it seems to be more of a cute gimmick at this time, the idea is to return users a single page of relevant results across many of Google’s products for whatever query is typed into the wdyl search box. The “search” button is even a heart. Cute.

Here are some screen shots of the results for one of my favorite subjects. Notice in the first image in the upper left is a preview of sorts showing just how many different areas of Google you can find information about your subject. It even has a pleasing design to it, which is not exactly Google’s strong suit.

So while Siegler sees this as ‘cute’, I see it as pretty interesting and useful even in its earliest form.

It’s also one of the first times we have seen Google aggregate its many different offerings in a way that a normal person might even get it and say “Hmmm, that’s useful and I didn’t really know I could do all of that through Google”. All I can say is that it’s about time.

Give it a try and let us know what you think about Google’s “What Do You Love?”

  • this is awesome.
    in classic release early release often they even forgot to update all the redirects … goes to a 404 rather than the real site ;o)
    almost makes you start loving the goog a bit again!

    • You know, Siegler pointed that out as well but I didn’t get the same result so I didn’t mention it in the post. Oh well.

  • It is definitely a great way to wrap up all the Google services and present them. I’m not sure how useful it will be as a search engine, but there is something fun about it that makes me want to give it a shot. It will be interesting to hear what Google has to say.

  • Cynthia Boris

    Useful in spots but kind of overkill and a little creepy when I put in the name of my favorite TV star “Scour the Earth for Jensen Ackles!” Yikes! Explore Jensen Ackles in 3-D – hey, now we’re talking.

    • I think this has a lot of potential! It’s strongest point being you can access everything google from that one search page. However, I did several searches, including some local searches and came up with next to nothing. Still think it needs some work but over all great concept!