Posted June 29, 2011 12:02 am by with 10 comments

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Google is playing with a lot of things at the moment. Google+ is one. Now it looks like Google Place pages are receiving a facelift as well.

All of this is likely in preparation for the rolling thunder roll out of Google+. Here’s the new look. Personally, I like it.

Google has all of these floating individual elements that are being primed to somehow fit into the grand socialization of the once mighty search engine. Is this the beginning of the end? Will social kill the search star?

  • This is cool! Very cool!

    • That’s nice! I the only thing I like less is the link to the website that looks pretty much like the other action links below it… I liked it when it was green…

  • I like the new design as well. It seems very clean and well organized and not as cluttered looking as the former layout. Google is making a lot of changes this week. Places is just one of many.

  • Great post… Google definitely has gone crazy this past day / yesterday… also released Google Takeout as well from the Google Data Liberation Front. Keep it coming Google!

  • Frank, yes the big questions are, What is Google up to now?, How many things have they changed?, What do we have to re-learn as marketers and advertisers to deliver the best services to our clients? I think, all in all, people need to spread out beyond Google, with their marketing efforts, to be on the safe side. it appears they took the video option away. Bummer… i really liked that feature. Dr Deb- The Adz Dr

  • gwen reed

    The Black Navigation Bar is Illegible
    I am vision impaired. Due to the extremely low contrast of grey on black I Can’t read the black navigation bar. Even my well sighted friends find it difficult. All I am asking for is the option to change it back… Please, Google, Have a Heart!
    This is a case of form trumping function. Functionality should be the First consideration in design. Why does Google periodically disimprove itself? This black bar and the hype about its supposed functionality are making me sad!!

    • Manta

      I agree with Gwen. Now Google became ugly, dark colours? Google always was so funny, and my most favorite of the many others….
      Now, I became angry every time when I need to find something in Google…..
      Sad, really very very sad…

      I hope, Soon Google changes again….

    • Betsy Rogers

      @Gwen, this is a very important point you bring up! I’m surprised (or maybe not surprised) that Google designers never thought about how their new “colors” (or lack thereof) would limit accessibility for some people. If you’re interested, Google has a “Forums” section where you could also post a message explaining the problem you’re having. There’s no guarantee any of the higher-ups would read it, but it certainly couldn’t hurt. Also, sometimes a Google staff member will post a “blog” or “article” in the Forums, about new features or upcoming developments, and there is usually a section for comments — I suppose there’s a chance those comments are read by Google staff. I suggest including terms like “disability”, “accessibility”, “accommodation”, (or maybe even “discrimination”?) – anything that will draw attention to the seriousness of your points …Best wishes.

  • Betsy Rogers

    Personally, I’m starting to get tired of Google adding more and more “bells and whistles”. It’s fine if they want to compete with Facebook, etc., but they should do that on a separate site, like GoogleFace, or whatever they want to call it. When I go to the main Google search site, I want to do a search. Period. When I want to check mail, I go to Gmail. Period. When I want to see my calendar, I go to my Google Calendar page….. However, If I want to see the latest video of a cat playing a piano, or be bombarded with the latest “updates” on people’s personal lives, I go elsewhere.

    For a long time the appeal of Google has been its simplicity, for those who didn’t want to be annoyed (or have their systems slowed down by) flash ads or other in-your-face ads. There’s nothing wrong with tactful or subtle ads that respect the fact that you’re not on Google just to look at ads. But I think it’s a huge mistake if Google is planning to turn their main search page into something that ruins the simplicity of the “original”.

    For now, Google occupies a niche that is different from some of the flashier (and in my opinion too cluttered) search sites. If Google is not careful, they’ll end up being just one of the pack, with no distinguishing features to draw users to them. Who knows, I may even resort to using bing! if Google keeps going in its current direction.

  • i love the design, simple…the black navigator above it nice..more clear now for people ..but better if Google still focused in search ..because that the people looking if they type Google not social media result…